Topical Finasteride Before and After Results

Topical Finasteride Liposomal Gel 2.5% before and after results!

written by Matt Dominance

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I have been using topical finasteride gel 2.5% – (non FDA approved hair loss treatment), and applying daily (1ml) on my crown area and mid-scalp for almost 6 months from September 2019 – February 2020.

Before I share with you my results, let me list out some pros and cons of using the Liposomal Topical Finasteride:


  • Liposomal delivery allows a high ability to penetrate the first skin layer and keep the active ingredients in the desired areas (depot effect with a slower and more sustained release of finasteride into the scalp)
  • I have experienced significant decrease in rate of hair loss after 6 months
  • No smearing or greasing the hair because it gets absorbed very quickly
  • It doesn´t contain any Propylene Glycol or Alcohol which might cause skin irritations by some individuals or dry scalp


  • High dosage of Finasteride active ingredient per 1ml. 25mg of Fiansteride active ingredient per 1 ml of liposomal gel can be considered rather high. 2.5% solution = equivalent of 25 mg of Finasteride active ingredient per 1ml (prescribed dose)
  • Systemic absorption is not entirely excluded and there is no study which could confirm 0% plasma permeation of this liposomal finasteride gel either
  • Some individuals on forums using this gel have mentioned side effects + long term accumulation of Finasteride in the system is likely even by very low systemic permeation of this liposomal gel
  • High price. Monthly supply costs 45-50 Euro excl. shipping cost
  • Short shelf life – 6 months

My Topical Finasteride Results: Month 0 – Month 5.5

Before starting with Topical Finasteride

  • Thinning hair on my crown area and portion of my mid-scalp. 
  • I have never used Finasteride before (oral/topical), only Minoxidil
Hair Loss Before starting Topical Finasteride
topical finasteride 1 month update
topical finasteride before and after 2 months
topical finasteride before and after 3 months
topical finasteride before and after 4 months

5.5 Months after using topical Finasteride (liposomal gel)

  • Hair loss stabilization on my mid-scalp and crown
  • Less hair fall on a daily basis
  • Only slight hair thickening so far
  • Some of my hairs started to look slightly darker on the crown area as a result of hair thickening
Hair situation after using Topical Finasteride for 5.5 months

Does Topical Finasteride work?

Shortly, yes. It worked for me right from the start. During the first month of using it I already noticed reduced shedding compared to my usual shedding rate.

However, if you are a diffuse thinner like me and you need to apply topical finasteride on a large surface of your scalp, I recommend you to use a more liquid version of finasteride.



How to make an effective Topical Finasteride solution with Essengen-F and Stemoxydine

0.025% Topical Finasteride with Stemoxydine

If you are interested, you can check out my next article where I explain exactly how to prepare your topical Finasteride solution using Essengen-F and Stemoxydine.


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