Topical Finasteride with Stemoxydine

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topical FInasteride with Stemoxydine 0.025%

Designing an effective Topical Finasteride solution using Essengen-F and Stemoxydine

written by Matt Dominance

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If you are a diffuse thinner and/or have a big head requiring more liquid, you most likely need way more than 1 ml of topical Finasteride. 

Remember that the concentration of every topical Finasteride is optimized for 1 ml of liquid (if the label doesn´t state it otherwise).

By using more than 1 ml though, you´re automatically applying a higher concentration than intended!

Here´s how to safely optimize the 0.025% topical Finasteride concentration for your needs!

  1. Find out how much liquid is normally required for covering all of your thinning areas on the scalp (you can grab a dropper from your Minoxidil product and test it out with water. For a NW 2 it may be less than 1 ml, while for a diffusely thinning NW 5 with a big head it can be 3 ml.
  2. Based on the latest topical Finasteride research, we decided to choose the 0.025% concentration as the optimal trade off between its scalp and serum DHT suppresion ability. Based on how much liquid you need per each application, you have to accordingly adjust the 0.025% concentration.
  3.  Make sure that by each topical Finasteride application, you´re not exceeding the determined concentration. 

Things you will need for the preparation

Things you will need: Essengen-F and Stemoxydine 5%

1. Essengen – F is a 0.2% topical Finasteride available online (you can get it here)

2. Stemoxydine 5% promotes the induction of the anagen (growing) phase of the hair follicle (available in Walmart, Amazon, Walgreens)

Step 1: Determine the amount of topical needed. 

Step 2: Get 1 bottle of Essengen – F 0.2% topical Finasteride and Stemoxydine 5%

Essengen-F is a 2 mg Finasteride equivalent per 1ml. We need only 0.25mg Finasteride equivalent because it has been shown to suppress DHT systemically by 24% – 25% which is way less than oral Finasteride 1mg or higher concentrations of topical Finasteride e.g 0.1%, while inhibiting the scalp DHT by 52%. 

Step 3: Measure the Stemoxydine and Essengen-F ratios 

Make sure you use a dropper to precisely measure the topical Finasteride quantity!
Essengen – F comes with a dropperbut the numbers on the dropper can fade with time and then you won´t be able to tell how much liquid are you taking into the dropper. 

I highly suggest you to get a small laboratory scale like this one for 10$. Get a digital scale on Amazon


An example of 0.025% topical Finasteride by applying 1 ml of topical per day (monthly supply)

 30 ml of Stemoxydine 5% and 3.75 ml of Essengen – F
An example of 0.025% topical Finasteride by applying 2 ml of topical per day (monthly supply)
 60 ml of Stemoxydine 5% and 3.75 ml of Essengen – F 
An example of 0.025% topical Finasteride by applying 3 ml of topical per day (monthly supply)
 90 ml of Stemoxydine 5% and 3.75 ml of Essengen – F

Final solution can look like this

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  1. Hey Matt,

    So I have been using 1ml a day of 0.1% topical finasteride (equivalent to 1 mg per day), but I am experiencing side effects unfortunately.
    I would like to dilute that into a 0.025% solution. Any idea on how to do that?
    The pharmacy bottle comes with 45 ml of 0.1% finestaride.

    Thank you

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