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Hair Transplant in Turkey – The Truth

How to Choose The Best Hair Transplant in Turkey based on 3 different Quality Tiers!

written by Matt Dominance

     In this post you’ll find out:

  • Cost of FUE hair transplant in Turkey and why it differs so much?
  • What are the 3 main types of hair transplant clinics in Turkey?
  • How to choose the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey based on understanding of 3 quality tiers!

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Why the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey varies so much in 2021?

    The main cost-driving factors for hair transplant procedure in Turkey

  • Surgeon involvement in the procedure: High vs low
  • Extraction tool used: Manual vs motorized punch
  • Graft extraction performed: In 1 vs multiple days
  • Technique used: DHI vs FUE (stick and place vs pre-made recipient sites)

1. Hair Transplant Clinic Type: Package Hair Transplant Offers (1.500-3.000€ Flat Fee)

hair transplant in Turkey - package zone
Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey | "Package Zone"
  • 8-10 patients can be operated simultaneously at such clinic every day
  • Motorized extraction is used for harvesting the grafts
  • In most of the cases, hairlines could look a bit more natural but they´re dense most of the time

Clinics in the "Package Zone"

  • The total price for the surgery isn´t determined by the number of grafts transplanted but rather by a flat fee (no matter how many grafts you get = all-in package with hotel, breakfast, PRP, VIP transfer from the airport to the hotel, etc.)
  • Rare or no communication with the doctor or a hair transplant surgeon prior to the surgery day
  • High diversification of tasks (marketing, customer service, graft extraction, graft placement, incisions-making, hair wash post-op, etc.)
  • Prices between different package offers only differ based on the technique used (DHI, FUE, FUE Sapphire, Long-hair DHI, etc.)
  • Low/no doctor involvement in the procedure. Trained assistants/technicians perform 90% of the surgery

2. Hair Transplant Clinic Type: Price per Graft Offers from 1€ - 1.50€ per graft

hair transplant in Turkey - signs of safety zone
Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey | "Signs of the Safety Zone"
  • Manual and motorized extraction is used for grafts harvesting
  • In most of the cases, hairlines look natural but could be more dense sometimes

Clinics in the "Signs of the Safety Zone"

  • “Signs of the Safety Zone” means that ending up with a more natural-looking result without over-harvested donor area is more likely than in the “Package Zone” due to higher doctor involvement in the procedure and accepting fewer patients per day
  • Incision-making is always done by the doctor as well as the graft extraction. Implantation is done by the assistants
  • Only 1-2 patients can be operated per day by clinics in the “Signs of the Safety” Zone
  • There is a fixed price per each graft transplanted
  • Communication with the doctor or a hair transplant surgeon prior to the surgery day is more likely compared to the clinics in the “Package Zone”

3. Hair Transplant Clinic Type: Price per Graft Offers from 2€ - 3€ per graft

hair transplant in Turkey - safe zone
Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey | "Safe Zone"
  • Manual extraction is used for harvesting the grafts
  • In most of the cases, hairlines look natural and dense at the same time

Clinics in the "Safe Zone"

  • “Safe Zone” means higher probability of ending up with a natural-looking result with properly managed donor area (homogenous graft extraction pattern) due to high doctor involvement in the procedure
  • Incision-making is always done by the doctor as well as the graft extraction. Implantation is done by the assistants
  • Only 1-3 patients can be operated per day by clinics in the “Safe Zone”
  • There is a fixed price per each graft transplanted

How to choose the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey based on this understanding?

You should always choose the hair transplant clinic based on your own preferences and expectations.

First and foremost, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you want your hair transplant to be performed by a doctor or assistants/technicians? 

If you want to have a doctor performing recipient sites (incisions) himself and graft extraction (harvesting) himself, then you should consider some doctors from the two pricier zones. 

Although it´s true that even in the package zone you can have doctors to perform incisions, you have to pay extra. 

It´s definitely better compared to the doctor not being mechanically involved in your hair transplant procedure at all, but don´t expect doctors in the “Package zone” perform graft extraction also, because they don´t have time for it due to accepting 7-10 patients per day (sometimes even more).

How important to you is ending up with a properly-homogenized donor area without over-harvesting?

All clinics try their best to keep patient’s donor area properly homogenized without any over-harvesting, but some clinics can do it better than other.

After researching Turkish hair transplant clinics for over 4 years extensively, I figured that the clinics in zone number 2 and number 3 are in fact more likely to consistently leave their patients with homogenous-looking donor area.

Clinics in the “Package Zone” are known for using micromotors and extracting up to 5.000 grafts per day with FUE – which contributes to over-harvesting the most (in case the patient’s donor area has been falsely marked as dense enough to withstand such aggressive harvesting).

However, if you are somebody who is a fairly low Norwood – e.g NW2 – NW3.5, I think you can, in fact, get a pretty decent result at some of the best clinics in the “Package Zone.”

5 best Turkish hair transplant clinics in the Package Zone are listed in my “Ultimate Hair Transplant in Turkey” Guide

I researched over 70 Turkish hair transplant clinics in the last 4 years and narrowed them down to 14!



Do you like the 80-90% of the results which come from a particular Turkish clinic?

If you like most of the clinic’s results, then you have likely found your clinic! Here´s one piece of advice though – make sure you always check their recent results and not the ones from 5 years ago.

Especially in Turkey, clinics come and go, employ new workforce and then let them go because some of the assistants decide to form their own clinic etc. 

This can have a drastic impact on their current ability to produce hair transplants of good quality on a consistent basis.

Do you like their temporal hair restoration, hairline restoration and crown area restoration ability?

Make sure you learn to evaluate a hair transplant clinic based on the ability to restore hair on different areas of the scalp. 

In Turkey, you can find many clinics which only focus on hairline restoration (and can do it fairly well), but their crown area hair restoration or temporal hair restoration skills are not so sharp. Usually they lack naturalness. In one of my eBook in my Ultimate Hair Transplant Research Bundle – “Hair Transplant Research Made Simple in 3 Essential Steps” I explain how to properly evaluate the before and after results of any hair transplant clinic.


How much are you willing to spend on getting your hair back?

Up to 3.000$ you say? Well, in such a case the “Package Zone” might be your final choice. 

If your hair loss is not as severe yet (NW2 – NW3), you could be better even with some clinics in the second zone – charging 1 Euro – 1.50 Euro per graft.

In such case, you could pay around 3.000 Euro and end up with a much higher doctor involvement in your procedure compared to the “Package Zone.”

If you don´t have any budget though, then the “Safe Zone” would be the best option for you!

Are you an average hair transplant candidate with moderate hair follicle density in your donor area or excellent density in your donor area and additional beard hair follicles underneath your chin?

Not everybody is an excellent hair transplant candidate with dense-looking donor area.

There are in fact many patients with average donor area density and simultaneously having advanced Norwood hair loss pattern.

These patients can be “saved” by transplanting their body hair on the balding scalp in cases when the donor area has been already depleted.

Unfortunately, not every hair transplant clinic utilizes body hair (beard and chest hair) for hair transplantation.

This strategy can be very helpful if a patient need extra hair coverage on the scalp, but his donor area doesn´t provide enough grafts anymore for multiple reasons (genetics, previous hair transplants, over-harvesting due to improper graft extraction pattern during his previous hair transplant, etc).

The good new is, that Turkish hair transplant clinics in all of the 3 zones are able to utilize body hair for a better FUE hair transplant result – in some cases.


Are you a young guys who is likely to end up with a more advanced Norwood hair loss pattern in the future? ( NW5-NW7).

Young guys with unstable hair loss should always consider medication (Finasteride, Micro-needling, Minoxidil and Ketoconazole Shampoo) before they even consider hair transplant.

Men who are still young and likely to end up with advanced baldness in the future, are better off choosing either “Signs of the Safety” or “Safe Zone” in Turkey for the following reasons:

– Better donor area management

– Better long-term hair transplant planning

– Better ability to create natural results by patients, who are average hair transplant candidates with moderate hair density on the donor area

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I wish I knew about Hair Transplant in Turkey - PART 2

I wish I knew about Hair Transplant in Turkey – PART II.

Things I wish I knew better about Hair Transplant in Turkey - Part II.

written by Matt Dominance

Prevalence of Hair Transplant Agenices in Turkey

Hair Transplant Agencies are know for:

  • Customer service/support 
  • Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing
  • Online advertising on Social Media, Instagram, Facebook, PPC Advertising
  • Sales taken over by these agencies
  • Very responsive before and less responsive in case something goes wrong after the hair transplant
hair transplant agencies

Hair transplant agencies are Marketing/Sales/Organizational Institutions which are different from the actual hair transplant clinic. 

Hair transplant agencies are often located in different countries than Turkey.

Nowadays you can find at least one partnering agency of a bigger Turkish hair transplant clinic in almost every European nation. 

By doing that, agencies manage to appeal more trustful and presentable towards local customers of different European nationalities. 

Agencies were originally developed to drive “traffic” in form of new clients to big Turkish hair transplant clinics. 

Turkish hair transplant agencies are known for focusing on quantity instead of quality. That´s the reason why they like to cooperate with particular Turkish clinics in the “package zone (low-price zone)”. 

Agencies - Very smooth until something goes wrong with your Hair Transplant

problematic hair transplant

Have you already had hair transplant agency experience? In case you have, this will sound familiar to you. 

Agencies like to be super-responsive prior to your hair transplant and ready to answer all of your questions. 

They realized that most of the patients keeps asking pretty much the same questions over and over prior to their surgery. 

Friendly and Happy to help Customer Service

  • Ready to answer your questions prior to your surgery
  • Not qualified enough to talk about hair transplants
  • Trained on sales and marketing
  • Can´t provide a good solution in case things go wrong post-op
Here is the problem…

Agencies like to keep things smooth no matter what. They act like nothing bad has ever happened to their clients. 

They talk like their clinics in Turkey only produce one great result after another.

Once something goes bad with the hair transplant of any of their clients they do the following. 

They either stop responding so swiftly as they used to, have no response at all, or keep telling their clients that everything will be fine after 12 months. 

Although it´s true that a fully grown hair transplant result can be visible around +/- 12 months. 

It doesn´t mean something “magically” will happen after 12 months if your result around the 10th month is nothing like you expected. 

They start phasing themselves out of the conversation once their clients aren´t satisfied. 

They hope that eventually unhappy customers will forget about “small” issues like improper graft placement, unnaturally looking hairline, over-harvested donor area etc. and move on with their life. 

What Hair Transplant Agencies can´t do!

hair transplant consultation vs hair transplant salesmen

Hair Transplant Experience with the HT Agency

Getting a hair transplant via a hair transplant agency is nothing like an online/live consultation with a hair transplant doctor or his advisor. 

Somebody who talks to patients about a detailed hair transplant planning, surgery details,  donor area management and medication. 

Hair transplant agencies don´t have such extensive knowledge on hair transplants, unfortunately. 

Many of their clients are made to believe it´s not even important to discuss it prior to their hair transplant. 

Their clients are made to believe that the clinic performing hair transplants for the agency knows what it is doing and great results are almost automatic! 

Unfortunately this is not true and plenty things may not go as planned during your hair transplant if you don´t plan it properly. 

Solely accepting an offer of 3500 grafts FUE from a hair transplant agency without deeper consideration is foolish. 

Every patient is different. 

Different guys have better/worse starting conditions prior to their hair transplant. Some have better donor area and more suitable hair characteristics for a hair transplant while other guys are only below average hair transplant candidates. 

Hair transplant agencies rarely speak about that with their patients.

Hair transplant experience with the hair transplant doctor

On the other hand, a hair transplant doctor is more likely to also mention the risks of a hair transplant and potential limitations in case his patients are not willing to get on medication first e.g Finasteride (Propecia). 

He is also more likely to properly measure your donor area (safe zone) and better estimate the “safe number of grafts” which can be extracted without over-harvesting/damaging your donor area long-term.

Hair Transplant Agencies accepting non-hair transplant candidates to begin with

Poor hair transplant expertise of agencies makes them routinely accept bad/not very suitable hair transplant candidates. 

Such candidate are more likely to end up with an over-harvested donor area, low density result, and are more likely to be unsatisfied in general. It´s partly caused by delusional way of marketing which promotes great results for every guy automatically!

Hair transplant agencies don´t care whether their patients are/are willing to take medication. 

Agencies like to offer their patients their own overpriced topical anti-hair loss formulations and shampoos instead. 

Patients who are not on medication and/or aren´t willing to take medication after their hair transplant are more likely to be unhappy with their results long-term because their hair loss will progress further.

In order to keep running their business smoothly and avoid having empty operation rooms with their staff ready, hair transplant agencies can sometimes get greedy and accept patients with not only unstable hair loss but also guys with very poor donor area density as well as young guys with plenty of balding potential in the future.

All of this results in many unhappy clients coming from Turkish hair transplant clinics on a regular basis. 

Doing a proper hair transplant research can help you avoid this happening to you.

Before and after results are not the only important thing you need to look at prior to your hair transplant decesion

As a relatively unknown hair transplant clinic you don´t have a big reputation. In such case you can actually get away with cheating/misleading patients without almost any consequences. 

Editing, retouching and photo-shopping before and after results is not uncommon by some of the low-cost hair transplant clinics in Turkey incl. agencies. 

You should be very careful about blindly trusting in low quality/low resolution/blurry before and after results – especially if they´re not detailed enough. 

Usually the more detailed the photos are, the more reliable they can be considered. 

Turkish Hair Transplant Clinics and Guarantee Certificates - how much can you rely upon them?

hair transplant guarantee

Unfortunately, since getting a hair transplant is not like buying a TV you can not just magically replace a broken hair transplant like a damaged screen. 

Let´s talk about 3 main scenarios when hair transplants don´t go as planned and what patients with a guarantee certificate can do about it:

Scenario 1: (Over-harvested donor area)


overharvested donor area FUE

Over-harvested donor area is very common for some Turkish hair transplant clinics. It occurs because clinics harvest way too many hair follicles per session via FUE. 

It can be especially noticeable on guys with thinner hair – guys with average donor area density. 

Another reason for over-harvesting is non-homogeneous donor area management.

 Homogeneous donor area management assures, that grafts will be extracted from the whole expanded donor area surface (sides and back). 

Non-homogeneous extraction focuses only on a particular portion of the donor area while trying to harvest as many hair follicles as possible from it. 

What can the hair transplant clinic do, if you complain about this while holding your guarantee certificate in your hand? 

Unfortunately they can´t undo the damage on your donor. Normally they only offer you a free scalp micropigmentation to mask their mistake.

Scenario 2: (Low density)

Extracted number of grafts on paper don´t equal the number of grafts which grew back after 12 months. 

In such case patients pay for a higher number of grafts than they actually get. 

It can be caused due to a high transection rate by the graft extraction as a result of extracting fast and improperly. 

Low density results can be also caused by graft splitting (artificially inflating the graft numbers) and thus leaving the patient with a decreased hair per graft average ratio. 

In such case patient maybe gets the number of grafts he was promised, but each of his implanted grafts produces now only 1-2 hairs on average because the vast majority of the extracted grafts had been split into single grafts for example.

What can a hair transplant clinic do, if you complain about low density/poor hair regrowth after 12 months? How will the guarantee certificate help?

Normally these clinics offer dissatisfied patients a free hair transplant to add more hair density. 

Even if the free offer is on the table, not every patient accepts it. Some patients simply decide to go to a different/more capable hair transplant doctor for their second try, because they don´t trust their 1st doctor/clinic anymore.

Scenario 3: (Improper graft placement)

improper graft direction

Implanted hair density looks fine and number of extracted grafts corresponds with the number of implants.

 What´s the issue then? 

Well, sometimes it happens that your new hair don´t grow under similar angles as your native hair does, as a result of improper placement. 

You can see it best when you buzz your hair very short (1cm – 1,5cm). The hair either don´t blend properly or the hairline appears too “thick” and robust because of multiple hair follicles had been implanted there.

Once your hair grows long enough to be styled, you realize it starts pointing in different directions which makes it obviously harder to style.

What can a hair transplant clinic do for you in such case by presenting them their guarantee certificate? 

Most of the quantity-oriented hair transplant clinics in Turkey unfortunately won´t do anything about it. 

Such clinics rarely do proper hair transplant repairs because they can´t make much money with repairs. 

Repairs are also very time consuming procedures and require multiple sessions to be done. 

A solid guarantee certificate should guarantee the patient a full repair of improperly placed grafts. 

Full repair means extracting improperly placed follicles in 1st session, wait for the recipient area to heal (usually 2-6 weeks), coming over for the 2nd session and extracting + implanting new hair follicles onto the – now already “repaired” recipient area.

Complications with Hairline Repairs if things go wrong

Sometimes repairs can be prolonged onto 3 sessions and more – in case some of the extracted hair during the 1st repair session grows back and needs to be extracted again (this is not totally uncommon – especially by extracting large follicular units).

Such FUE hairline repairs mean a lot of work, low earning potential and that´s why many hair transplant clinics in Turkey don´t want to do them at all. 

Have you noticed that most of the Turkish clinics only like to do virgin hair transplants on virgin donor areas? 

To avoid getting a poorly designed hairline in any of the Turkish hair transplant clinics, make sure you research after doctors who are also known for performing correct repair cases. 

Repair cases are normally to be found in their hair transplant before and after galleries. 

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hair transplant in Turkey part 1

I wish I knew about Hair Transplant in Turkey – PART I.

Things I wish I knew better about Hair Transplant in Turkey - Part I.

written by Matt Dominance

Doctor - based clinic on the outside = technician - based clinic on the inside

You visit a website of a hair transplant clinic in Turkey. It seems to be trusted because there is a photo of a doctor portrayed on its homepage. The doctor himself may be even ISHRS member or ABHRS member with 1000´s of hair transplant surgeries “under his belt”. 

However after contacting the clinic you´ll realize that this doctor doesn´t usually participate in the hair transplant at all. He isn´t going to do the graft extraction by the FUE, neither he´s going to do the implantation – maybe the incisions (slit-making) in the best case.

Does this doctor´s experience and qualifications even matter, if he´s not going to contribute to your hair transplant directly? Who will perform the vast majority of your hair transplant then? His technicians…

How many of them does he have in his team? Does he work with 1 or 2 teams which have been working for/with him for 5-10 years and longer or does he have 10+ different technician teams employed in his clinic which make the clinic 95% technician – based on the inside while making an impression of a purely doctor – based clinic on the outside?


Hair Transplant Doctor vs Technicians

Get used to asking questions!

By avoiding the unpleasant surprise, it´s always good to ask the following questions. “Who will do the graft extraction, graft implantation and incisions (slit making) during my procedure? Doctor or technicians?

The higher the involvement of the hair transplant surgeon in the hair transplant procedure, the more likely patients get a good result. 

Having your hair transplant done by a hair transplant surgeon means: paying more attention to subtle details like placing the single grafts in the frontal hairline, designing natural transitions on temporal points and hairline, creating slits in appropriate angles to make sure that the implanted hair grows and blends naturally with the native hair etc.

Are all technicians bad?

hair transplant Turkey - technicians

Of course not. But are all technicians going to be euqally skilled if you´re emloying 50+ of them in your clinic? Probably not…

Here is the issue. If you go to a hair transplant clinic which employs 50 or more technicians while performing 10 or 20+ procedures per day. These poor people are just working fast to get paid at the end of the day.

Of course not. But are all technicians going to be euqally skilled if you´re emloying 50+ of them in your clinic? Probably not…

Here is the issue. If you go to a hair transplant clinic which employs 50 or more technicians while performing 10 or 20+ procedures per day. 

These poor people are just working fast to get paid at the end of the day.

Some of technicians may be even paid by the number of grafts they implant per day so they do it fast. 

Manual extraction is almost unknown to these clinics, because it´s impossible to extract hair grafts fast enough with the manual punch. 

For this reason, most of the technicians in large clinics use micromotor (motorized handheld device).  

It´s also one of the reasons, why micromotor might have gotten a bad name over the years because of unskilled technicians using it to extract large numbers of grafts as fast as possible (all in one day) just to get the work done and get paid.

How can you spot experienced technicians?

The best technicians are the ones who have been working together with one particular doctor for many years. 

By “good” clinics the main surgeon clearly loves his job, he loves paying attention to details and approaches each hair transplant case individually. 

Technicians focusing on quantity over quality tend to approach hair transplant procedures like on a production band. 

Experienced technicians have been usually working together with the hair transplant surgeon for a very long time. 

They have been taught how to properly extract and implant the grafts to minimize the transection rate while causing the least possible trauma to the donor area. Incision phase (slit-making) phase and proper donor area management plan should be always performed by the hair transplant doctor himself.

Dishonesty about the number of grafts extracted and implanted?

Implanted number of grafts looks less than promised

In our society we have been conditioned not to question the authorities (politicians, doctors, policemen), because they want only the best for us and working hard to deliver on their promises. Doctors are just another type of authority – which we were conditioned to obey.


Doctors sometimes like to use the positive trust people have in them in order to benefit themselves. Let me give you an example.

Graft Splitting

Graft Splitting by Hair Transplant in Turkey

Benefit of hair follicle splitting (graft splitting) and how it can be misused by some hair transplant clinics in order to artificially increase the graft numbers.

The intention of graft splitting should be only to achieve a more natural graft distribution on the implanted area e.g temporal points and hairline. 

Splitting a double or triple graft in two or three single grafts can be a good idea if doctors need more fine hair units. 

Graft splitting should be only used for refining of the larger hair units if necessary. 

Unfortunately it can be also misused to artificially inflate the overall number of grafts implanted. 

Example of Graft Splitting

For example: The doctor extracts a double grafts and splits it in 2 single grafts. He should count it as one extracted graft, not as 2 grafts – just because he split the double graft afterwards. 

If graft splitting is being done routinely on 100´s or 1000´s of extracted grafts. Splitting may decrease survival rate of the grafts, if doctors split the graft already while it´s still located in the donor area. 

By splitting too many of the double and triple grafts in single grafts, patients will end up with high amount of grafts implanted on one hand, but simultaneously being left with a worse overall hair density. 

Splitting grafts excessively in single grafts causes a decreased hair per graft average ratio. 

High hair per graft ration means, that on average each of the implanted grafts will produce about 2-3 hairs. Low hair per graft average means that it will only be 1-2 hairs. 

Fake Online Reviews from Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

Online Review on Hair Transplant review sites

Many of these 5 star reviews on hair transplant clinics were not written as a result of great hair transplant result after 12 months. 

Most of them only describe the overall hair transplant experience. It can include things like comfortable stay in Turkey, helpful and engaging staff (translators, drivers, nurses). 

If you are interested in finding out whether a hair transplant clinic is capable of delivering naturally and dense looking results for their clients, visit forums instead. 

Reviews are often not relevant, because they are not describing the overall hair transplant result after 12 months in a detailed way.

Who can submit a review?

Anybody can leave a review on most of these review websites – regardless of whether this person went to the particular hair transplant clinic or not. 

Independent review – generating websites like proven expert, trust pilot, whatclinic or google itself are becoming more and more popular among hair transplant clinics/agencies in Turkey. 

These review websites help them create trust among potential clients fairly easy. 

Creating artificial social proof with different testimonial-building websites only attracts potential clients who buy a hair transplant as if they would be buying a TV. 

Hair transplant clinic with most of the 5-star reviews wins…

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