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Talking about Hair Loss is a sensitive topic for many men!

It's totally fine! A good portion of my clients prefers messaging back and forth via email, telegram, instagram or what's app!

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Clients aren't just satisfied, they have real results with their new hair!

Balding Men getting their hair back with my help!

Results can vary from person to person based on the hair characteristics, hair follicle thickness, curl, skin to hair contrast and number of hair follicles transplanted.

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Matt Dominance

Matt Dominance is a certified hair practitioner, hair loss and hair transplant consultant.

I had 3 hair transplants and 1 hair correction surgery. I visited more than 20 hair transplant doctors worldwide and observed 25+ hair transplant procedures in person (FUE and FUT). Since 2019 I have been working as an online consultant in the sphere of hair loss management and hair transplant. My research on hair transplant doctors and clinics as well as my 1 on 1 advice help 100’s of men each year to make a well-informed decision before their hair transplant surgery and achieve the best possible result

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Hair Practitioner's Certificate Course


Thanks Matt!

Thanks again Matt!

You helped more than you know!!!! Sometimes it’s not about information. For me, in this case, its about feeling better about the steps I’ve already taken, because I am doing this alone. I think they call that validation. And I do feel better after speaking to you about it SO THANK YOU.

1800 grafts FUE

I was really confused before booking my hair transplant earlier this year but I must say Matt's 1 on 1 session + additional online support were definitely worth it! It has been 7 months after my hair transplant and I have been noticing significant improvements with my hair density. I am really happy with the results! Thanks Matt

 by A Sanders on MATT DOMINANCE
Much needed help!

I did a LOT of research on my own - word of mouth, websites, and hundreds of hours of YouTube videos. I learned a lot but ultimately hit decision paralysis - there was too much information, too many comparison photos, too much disparity in the quotes I received from clinics.
To finally come to a decision, I booked a session with Matt. He was extremely helpful and I most appreciated:
His flexibility. He worked around my schedule (we had a large time difference).
His patience. He was not in a rush or looking at his watch. He wanted to hear a lot from me to figure out how he could assist me.
His honesty. Matt didn't try to sell me on anything. In fact, he counseled caution and urged surgery as a last resort. He was the first person to tell me that one surgery may not yield total, 100% perfect results, and emphasized quality and patience and focusing on the long-term goal.
His commitment. He followed up and made himself available on 2 additional occasions over email and even intervened with my preferred provider to get me an appointment during my limited vacation dates.
Working with Matt helped me feel more confident, enough to make a decision.
The companies he identified were at different price ranges and all seemed qualified. I am very happy with the company I went with. I'm only 8 weeks after the procedure, so the results are still very much in process, but I feel great already and very confident that I picked the right place for me and got a procedure that will suit me.
I definitely benefitted from an honest, independent opinion from a knowledgeable person and give a strong recommendation for his services.
- A. Sanders (USA)

 by pi0ter on MATT DOMINANCE
Worth talking to!

Matt is definitely worth talking to if you're starting to consider a hair transplant and you're not very much into the subject. He'll flag the most common pitfalls and will suggest solutions to consider.

I made my decision on the clinic following consultation with Matt and I'm pleased with the outcome.

Very knowledgeable

Matt was very knowledgable and answered all my questions. Saving my lots of time. I would reccomend.

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matt dominance hair transplant before and after
I have done 3 hair transplant procedures and 1 more hairline repair surgery!
I have already visited 10+ hair transplant clinics in person in Istanbul only!
25 hair transplant procedures observed in person (FUT, FUE, and DHI).
I have helped more than 400 guys to make the best possible decision before their hair transplant via my 1 on 1 consultation.
Creator of “The Ultimate Hair Transplant Guide” E-book Bundle intended to educate patients about hair transplantation.
simple fact that you are reading these lines means that you understand the importance of getting an above-average physique and achieving your fitness goals without further procrastination! 
My YouTube channel MATTDOMINANCE is one of the leading channels in the hair-loss community with over 44,000 subscribers, 7,000 views every single day, and 9,000,000 views in total.



 Make the best possible  decision before your hair transplant!

Benefit from my extensive experience as a hair transplant consultant and save hundreds of hours researching the right hair transplant doctor!

Save thousands of dollars on ridiculously expensive hair transplant repairs in case  of making a mistake during your hair transplant research!

Be able to differentiate between the hair transplant clinics that really know their craft vs clinics that appear to be experts at first but turn out to be hair mills/production band hair clinics.

Achieve a natural-looking result without ending up with an over-harvested donor area.

If you are still reading this, it means that you are somebody who truly wants to make the best possible decision before your hair transplant!

It also means that you know that your 1st hair transplant is the most important one!  
I am glad you came to this realization yourself! 


As you see, my hairline didn´t end up looking completely natural after my 1st hair transplant…
old hairline
Double grafts in the hairline (occasionally even triples)
 I knew, I needed a repair sooner or later so I decided to have all the robust-looking grafts removed from my hairline! 
It´s a pain in the ass, because you need to do it in 2 steps (2 procedures).
1st – Extraction of the improperly placed grafts in the hairline, and 2nd – implanting several 100´s of new grafts (prevalently the ones producing single hairs only) back into the hairline.
So far, 150 robust-looking grafts (mainly double grafts) have been removed from my hairline and it makes it already look more natural – as you can see!
As you see, successful completion of a hair transplant correction surgery can become more costly than many guys could ever imagine…

My Assistance Service


Unlimited Online Support with Matt Dominance for 6 Months

Professional advice from a hair transplant expert with multiple years of experience in the field!

Helping you spend your funds on a Quality Hair Transplant!

Providing the Best Hair transplant doctor Recommendations based on your quality criteria and budget.

Personal assistance during/with your hair transplant research!

Showing you how to do the right due diligence on hair transplant clinics!

Evaluating the clinic of your choice! 

Online support via email (after the Hair Transplant Strategy Session) for further questions for the period of 6 Months! 

Matt and Dr. Erdogan
Dr. Korray Erdogan
Dr. Alberto Peek
Dr. Karadeniz
Matt Dominance and Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu
Dr. Sahinoglu
Matt Dominance and Dr Arslan
Dr. Arslan
Dr. Lara Just
Matt Dominance and Dr Muresanu
Dr. Sever Muresanu
Matt Dominance and Dr Turan
Dr. Turan

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MATT DOMINANCE is one of the leading hair transplant and hair loss related channels on YouTube which aims to properly educate men and women suffering from hair loss about potential treatments. Hair transplant started to become one of the most popular options of treating hair loss over the last 2 decades. MATT DOMINANCE YouTube channel helps you make a more informed decision before you decide to undergo a hair transplant yourself!

MATT DOMINANCE YouTube channel has over 9,000,000 views, 48,000+ subscribers and more than 7000 men watch my videos every single day!

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