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Results can vary from person to person based on the hair characteristics, hair follicle thickness, curl, skin to hair contrast and number of hair follicles transplanted.

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Matt Dominance

Matt Dominance is a certified hair practitioner, hair loss and hair transplant consultant.

I had 3 hair transplants and 1 hair correction surgery. I visited more than 20 hair transplant doctors worldwide and observed 25+ hair transplant procedures in person (FUE and FUT). Since 2019 I have been working as an online consultant in the sphere of hair loss management and hair transplant. My research on hair transplant doctors and clinics as well as my 1 on 1 advice help 100’s of men each year to make a well-informed decision before their hair transplant surgery and achieve the best possible result

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absolute pleasure!

Working with Matt was an absolute pleasure and definitely brought me peace of mind when it came down to picking the right clinic for my Hair Transplant. In addition to picking a clinic, Matt walked me through the typical procedure I should expect to go through once I’m there. This definitely eliminates any sort of surprises that could’ve potentially worried me had I not known about it. Matt is extremely passionate about this and clearly knows what he’s talking about. If you’re on the fence about getting a HT, or just looking for some guidance on how to deal with your current hair loss situation, Matt is definitely the guy to contact. I’m sure glad that I did

5 star overall ⭐

I enjoyed speaking with Matt as there are things I wasn't too sure about but after the video call, I was left with more reassurance.

It was a 5* call

I'm really happy with the level of insight Matt gave me on our 1-to-1 call. His level of expertise in the area of hair loss, hair restoration, and just in general everything to do with how pharmacology and transplants affect a person was very valuable. What I loved about Matt was his ability to listen and react accordingly as I had numerous questions about my own desire to have a hair transplant in the near future. If you're considering having a transplant or would like to know more about pharmacological interventions that can help your hair restoration, then I'd definitely book a call with Matt.


Following years of hair loss decided to get a 1 on 1 call Matt to assess my hair loss situation, the options, pros/cons and how to best move forward. Was great to have an expert in this field help me in setting a custom made hair loss strategy for my specific case. Would recommend to others who want to get a better understanding of the possibilities and strategize how to best tackle their hair loss.

 by Colton on MATT DOMINANCE

Matt is such a homie. I’m not going to lie I was a little worried I had paid for something along the lines of Matt being affiliated with a bunch of clinics and only recommending those clinics. NOT THE CASE AT ALL!! Matt went through every one of my photos and made estimations with me for the donor area and transplant area. He even made sure to be conservative with the donor estimates to make sure not to give me false hope. (telling me I’m super bald in the nicest way possible). The peace of mind that this call brought was worth every penny. It’s so hard when your from another country trying to find accurate information on clinics especially when the “in and out” clinics are running so many ads and when searching the majority of info is on those clinics. When in reality the better ran clinics are often hidden in the mess. That’s where Matt helped me the most. Can’t wait to continue treatment and make a game plan going forward with Matt’s help. Again, worth every penny and probably more in my opinion.

I received the recording thanks again for your help. Beyond impressed with what you got going on for yourself! Wish I would have thought of it myself 😜

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Unlimited Online Support with Matt Dominance for 6 Months

Professional advice from a hair transplant expert with multiple years of experience in the field!

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Personal assistance during/with your hair transplant research!

Showing you how to do the right due diligence on hair transplant clinics!

Evaluating the clinic of your choice! 

Online support via email (after the Hair Transplant Strategy Session) for further questions for the period of 3 Months! 

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Dr. Sever Muresanu
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Dr. Turan

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