My Finasteride Results After 1 Year

written by Matt Dominance

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In this post you will find out:

  • How was my 12 month experience with Finasteride?
  • Before and after results and photos.
  • Side effects I experienced during my 1 year treatment with Finasteride?
  • Will I continue using Finasteride to prevent further hair loss?

How I started with Finasteride

I started using Finasteride in September 2019 (before my 2nd hair transplant). My goal was to stabilize my hair loss as well as strengthen my hair before my 2nd hair transplant to prevent shock loss.

Dosing and frequency

For the first 5.5 months I have been using topical Finasteride liposomal gel and after that I switched to oral Finasteride only. My dosing was 0.5-0.6mg of Finasteride per day. The standardized dose of Finasteride for male pattern hair loss condition is 1mg though. I took less, because I was more side-effect concerned back then. 


I started experiencing less hair loss already after the first month of using topical Finasteride. 

I didn´t have any shock loss/increased hair shedding as a result of starting with Finasteride(this is only a temporary shedding though, which some people can experience).

In my experience, the hair thickening effects of Finasteride came between 4th and 12th month. Before that, I have been only able to notice way less shedding than before.


How does Finasteride work?

Hair thickening effect of Finasteride happens as a result of Finasteride partially inhibiting the activity of 5 – alpha – reductase enzyme (which converts Testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone).

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is known for being more androgenic (more potent). Such increased potency compared to Testosterone makes it a more potent agent for transcribing its androgenic effects on the androgen receptors in selective tissues like beard, body hair, prostate, hair follicles etc. 

DHT is known for disrupting the proper hair follicle growth cycle as well as the progressive miniaturization of the hair follicle.

By accumulation of Finasteride in the scalp tissue over time, there will be much lower 5 – alpha – reductase activity, and this less DHT formation. This will lead to slower hair miniaturization process.

Side effects

Some of the side effects are sexual dysfunction, decrease in libido, weaker erections, breast enlargement or depression. Personally I haven´t experienced any of these. It´s also known, that about 2% of all patients are likely to experience them to a degree. 

My hair in September 2019

before Finasteride treatment
My hair in September 2019 (before Finasteride treatment)

Hair Situation before starting with Finasteride

  • Diffuse hair thinning inside of the white circle
  • More severe baldness inside of the red circle
  • Frontal hairline has been already restored (during my 1st FUE hair transplant)
  • NW 4-5 transition pattern if I hadn´t done my 1st hair transplant

Combining Finasteride with my 2nd FUE Hair Transplant

2nd FUE hair transplant on the area where the red circle (mid-scalp region) | 1.5 months on topical Finasteride

940 grafts transplanted on the mid-scalp region

  • I started with topical Finasteride 1.5 months prior to my 2nd hair transplant to strengthen my native hair and help avoid shock loss (after the surgery)
  • During this time I was applying my topical Finasteride on the rest of the mid-scalp and crown
  • After 1 month post-op I started applying topical Finasteride on the transplanted area as well (because there was also some native hair in it)
  • Here you can check out my FUE progress after the 2nd Hair Transplant!

8 Months after using Finasteride

My Finasteride Results - 14 months after using finasteride + hair transplant
8 Months on Finasteride | 6 Months after my 2nd FUE hair transplant

Results of 8 Months on Finasteride and 6 Months after my 2nd FUE

  • The hair in the vertex region and mid-scalp thickened
  • Better hair coverage in the red circle due to hair regrowth after hair transplant
  • Reduced hair loss on the whole vertex and mid-scalp as a result of taking Finasteride

14 Months after using Finasteride

14 months after using finasteride + hair transplant
14 Months on Finasteride | 1 Year after my 2nd FUE hair transplant

Am I staying on Finasteride or not?

  • I am definitely staying on Finasteride since my response has been very good so far
  • Over the course of the next year I don´t expect any huge improvements in terms of hair thickening but rather maintenance of the current hair thickness
  • I need to further take Finasteride in order to maintain my current hair thickness (especially mid-scalp and vertex region) and thus avoid further hair transplants in these regions

Finasteride requires prescription. You should always consult your doctor or GP before considering this medication. If you are new to my website, make sure you read Medical Disclaimer!

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