Regain Your Hair In 6 Months while Saving Stress, Money and Time

Hair Loss and Hair Transplant Support Calls in EN & GER

Stop making critical mistakes when trying to regain your hair or choosing the right hair transplant clinic.

What's My Consulting All About?

In just one hour you’ll leave with a clearly defined path towards your new hair, get a clear understanding of the mistakes most guys are doing resulting in failed or unnatural hair transplants, or inability to keep their existing hair. You will receive a thorough assistance during your hair transplant research, receive best hair clinic recommendations for your particular hair case, second opinion service and my personal suggestions on anything hair-related.

Problems with the Hair Restoration Industry

90% of Hair Transplant Doctors give a thorough consultation only 30-60 minutes before the actual hair transplant! 

My 1 on 1 Sessions are here to compensate for the lack of timely education provided by hair clinics and help clients mentally prepare for what is there to come weeks or months ahead!

70-80% of Men don’t know anybody who had a hair transplant done and have nobody to talk to about their hair loss issues!

My 1 on 1 Sessions are here to give you an opportunity to gain all the key knowledge who suffered from hair loss and was able to stop it + had a hair transplant himself!


And benefit from my expertise, insider knowledge of the industry, as well as my own hair transplant and hair loss experience!

The average person who gets an unnatural hair transplant results or over-harvested donor area ends up getting a correction job or scalp micro pigmentation within 2 years!

You Save 2.500$ – 5.000$

It takes at least 100 hours to do in-depth research on this matter. Booking a 1 on 1 Call with Matt helps you save endless researching online, or narrowing down a selection of clinics offering different methods and approaches. 

You Save 100+ hours researching

Don’t need to scratch your head for days and weeks which clinic is best for you based on hundreds price and quality variations out there!

 Don’t need to go through the constant trial and failure of the clinics that are result driven vs only profit driven. 

Don’t need to wonder whether the clinic is telling you the truth and how to spot lies in the hair transplant quotes/offers

You Avoid Clinic Comparison Dilemmas

Most guys don’t know what they are signing up for until 30-60 minutes before their procedure when they are able to speak with the doctor for the first time. 90% of doctors don’t offer consultations weeks or months in advance.

Avoid mental dilemmas shortly before the procedure and know exactly what you are signing up for – weeks/months in advance, so you have enough time to think about all the options.

You Avoid Unpleasant Surprises right before the procedure

What my clients say?

Matt Dominance is a Hero and I can’t give him enough credit. I found him on YouTube after I had already booked with a cheap clinic in Turkey next month and booked a 1 on 1 consultation that that opened my eyes to whole new aspect of how and why I should go to certain clinics. I got his professional opinion for my case regarding grafts numbers. I will now upgrade my plans for the better quality over quantity!!! I 💯 trust Matt and recommend at least an 1 hour session if your thinking about having a Hair Transplant.
Marcos R.
Matt Dominance has really good knowledge about hair loss in general. His detailed advice regarding clinics and doctors gave me confidence to proceed with my hair transplant journey! If somebody is considering a hair transplant, it’s definitely worth consulting with him to narrow down the options and have clear vision for the next steps. Also he has kept close contact after consultation and answered additional questions. Cheers
Henri P.
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''Things are going great! I’m very happy with my results. Thanks for everything Matt!''
Before After
''I highly recommend Matt’s 1 on 1 consultation service. Matt is patient, attentive, and beyond friendly. Matt helped me plan for top hair clinics, topics to talk to my doctor about, and tips on medications and other preventative measures. Highly recommend. I am super happy with my results!'''
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'' 8 months after my HT: I think the hair is grown back 100% now. It’s pretty thick and dense now!!''

Avoid Pitfalls and Discover the Best Path to Your New Hair

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'' If you want to be guided by an expert in this field and avoid all the possible mistakes with your hair, Matt is the man to consult!''
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''Matt is definitely worth talking to if you're starting to consider a hair transplant and you're not very much into the subject. He'll flag the most common pitfalls and will suggest solutions to consider. I made my decision on the clinic following consultation with Matt and I'm pleased with the outcome.''
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It has been 6 months since my procedure and I am already seeing 80% of the final results! Thanks Matt


Failed hair transplant results avoided 


Hair Clinics worldwide, my clients went to 


Hair Clinics worldwide, I personaly visited


Your Consulting Options

This is not a cookie cutter service. Each session will be bespoke to you based on the form you fill out before the call. 

That means if you want a tonne of support just on hair loss or hair transplant clinic choice (for example) the entire session can be devoted to that. 

30 Min Call

One Time
  • Hair Loss Support
  • Hair Transplant
  • 30 minute Call

2 Calls

One Time
  • Hair Loss Support
  • Hair Transplant
  • 2 Calls (90 minutes)

60 Min Call

One Time
  • Hair Loss Support
  • Hair Transplant
  • 60 minute Call


Most frequent questions and answers

The duration of the consultation depends on you. If there are still any ambiguities or questions, I will also answer them for you. Generally, I plan in 60 or 30-minute blocks. Very rarely does it actually take longer.

A consulting session has to be taken in one go because I’m short on time. However, second calls can be booked as a package at a reduced price or taken up afterwards with a discount of 25%. The ideal solution in such a case would be booking my consultation bundle option for a special price including 2 calls you are able to schedule with me based on preferred time frame. 

You have 2 options to make an appointment:

  1. You book the call on this page, pay via Paypal/credit card and receive a confirmation email from me within 24 hours with further steps and available consultation days and times.
  2. If it is difficult to find an appointment or if you prefer direct contact, we will make the appointment by email at

Yes. Of course, you can record the conversation so that you can listen to it again afterwards.

You only pay for the advice if you actually get something for it. If we find out together in the first 10 minutes of our conversation that I cannot find a solution for you, I will of course not charge you anything for it.

  1. Book a Call with Matt
  2. Fill out a quick Consultation Form
  3. Receive a Confirmation Email within 24 hours
  4.  Send Matt your Photos of Your Hair Condition
  5. Receive personalized Advice from Matt during a Zoom/Skype Video Call
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Average rating:  
 58 reviews
 by Peter

My 1-hour session with Matt was very useful. We covered my current hair loss prevention regime and he enabled me to optimize it further.
Even more useful was to finally have a clear insight into what type of transplant I could have and the expected results, including any limitations.
The final cream on top was a discussion on transplant doctors including a recommended short list that have experience with my type of hair !
I found Matt to be sincere and it is good to get this 1 on 1 help if you can guys.

 by Anwar

Matt is an amazing consultant! In one hour of talking to him, I got better advice and recommendations than what my VA came up with after several weeks of research. Do yourself a favor, and schedule a call with Matt. He's the best! - A.H

 by Mahmoud
Matt answered all my questions and confirmed me on my future plan

After watching many of his videos i decided to buy the 1 on 1 call with Matt, it answered all my questions and confirmed me on my future plan.

Last touch was a summary pdf file that he sent me after the call with everything that we talked about and the plan step by step.. if you have any doubts or unanswered questions.. then i can recommend you to buy the call

 by Tilen
100% recommend the 1 on 1 consultation

I would 100% recommend the 1 on 1 consultation. If you’re considering getting a hair transplant and having an open conversation about your hair situation and learning about the best transplant clinic options for you, based on your price, quality and location preferences, Matt is definitely the right address to point and guide you in the right direction, while also giving you advice based specifically on your hair-loss situation and desired result.

 by Nicodeme
100% recommend anyone before doing any hair transplant.

I had a great 1 on 1 call with Matt. He never rushed me during the entire call. He allowed me to ask any question I wanted about hair loss and what options I would have to treat my hair loss. Hands down Matt is very knowledgeable about this topic. He will not advise you something that you don't need and he is very honest about all the risiks, cost, and potential outcomes/results of FUE or FUT and the use of any medications. I would 100% recommend anyone to have a 1 on 1 call with Matt before doing any hair transplant.

 by Armando
Great recommendations on clinics and on future treatment

I have been contemplating a hair transplant for over a year. I did a lot of research online and was overwhelmed with the amount of clinics and variations in quality, price, etc. After speaking with a few clinics I was unsure of which clinic I should chose or if they were even giving me an accurate evaluation of my case. I decided to contact Matthew and scheduled a consultation. Prior to my consultation he requested pictures and asked many questions about my desired outcome. We met for one hour and he took the time to evaluate my case by looking at my pictures and giving me his honest opinion. I found Matthew to be very empathetic, credible and provided great recommendations on future treatment and helped me narrow my list to two clinics I will likely use. Money was well spent and would do it all over again.

Thanks Matt!

 by Matt
surpassed all expectations.

Thanks again for your time on the call. For me it surpassed all expectations.

Before our call I felt like I’d exhausted all possible options when it comes to hair loss and that I was running out of runway when it comes to preventing further loss following my hair transplant.

Following our call I realise that this isn’t the case at all! You helped me to form a brand new hair loss strategy consisting of treatments I wasn’t aware of before. As well as analysing my current hair loss situation and sharing your own wisdom and experience from your own hair loss journey.

It’s also great to know that you will be there to monitor my progress with me as I go through the regrowth phase.

To be honest I wish I booked this coaching call sooner! And would definitely recommend to somebody else who may be struggling like I was.

 by Daniel
Thanks Matt !

The 1 on 1 call really helped me to understand how to slow my hairloss in the most effective way that I can afford myself and decide about the time and the route I will do a hair transplant.

I highly recommend it for everyone who cares about their hair condition and would like to get help from the number 1 - MATTDOMINANCE !

 by Clayton
Definitely recommend this service. Thank you

First thing, I think the 1 on 1 call is a definite guide to people looking for a hair transplant. There is a ton of information that is available on the internet. I'm not saying it's impossible, but for a person with such a busy schedule, I was finding it hard to sit and do an in depth research. Secondly, there is so much information that even narrowing down a selection of clinics is hard let alone deciding on what/why method will work well etc etc.

The assessment and your opinion of the photos I shared was really important for me especially when you gave me the two options and pointed out the fact that if I'm going to touch the sides (temple) I will have to be careful because of the slightly different colour/density of my hair on the sides. That would have never crossed my mind. So once I'm deciding and choosing the clinic where I will be getting my transplant, I already have a number of points and it's only thanks to you that I've been made aware. The choice of the clinic I think is a fundamental decision. I did a little bit of research and came up with just a few clinics and we went through them together. Again, there were simple items you pointed out such as the experience of the surgeon being more focused towards plastic surgery rather than hair transplant, which I didn't notice.

The 1 on 1 is important as you are able to understand what is the ultimate goal of the person and at the same time I felt confident asking all the questions and doubts I had. Again, unless one is spending countless hours doing research and building up knowledge on the subject, it will be impossible to come up with all those answers by yourself or through the internet. Probably the closest you will ever get to a consultant, doctor or hair transplant specialist will be only the day prior to the operation when all the above will be too late.

A hair transplant may be considered as a life-changing event for us men, especially when you feel it's affecting your confidence and self-esteem so better get a 1 on 1 with Matt before committing to any clinic.

I would definitely recommend this service. Thank you

 by George
I highly recommend Matt's service!

Thank you again for sharing your wisdom on our call. I have much more confidence moving forward with my hair loss approach.

The insight how easily you were able to assess my afro hair and put together a strategic plan proved how well-versed and experienced you are my friend. A big bonus for me was being able to tap into your resources of doctor recommendations who you personally know their track record in regard to quality work and results.

I highly recommend Matt's service. It's not often you receive a product where the provider is extremely passionate about what they do. This could have been very much transactional but no Matt goes above and beyond to ensure his work and your results by staying in the loop. This is truly transformational- Thanks, Matt!

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