There is more to life than just living with a balding head.
Dear Friend,
The simple fact that you are reading these lines means that I have succeeded in educating you about why getting a high-quality hair transplant is important and I am glad you came to this realization yourself.
I wish, someone had explained this to me 3 years ago…
There are many hair transplant doctors to choose from and thereby lots of confusion

Let me explain you how this industry works:
The clinics and doctors tell you to come to their clinic because they use the newest technology, they use the best type of equipment on the market and their results are better than the results of the other hair transplant clinic etc…
Unfortunately, the newest equipment does not always mean the best result if the staff is inexperienced.

The before and after pictures are not reliable, no matter how dense the transplanted hair appears in them if the pictures themselves are of very low quality not showing the donor area but only the transplanted area etc.
  • Unattractive: staying single
  • Low confidence: job problems
  • ​Insecure: interpersonal challenges
  • Looking old: not "the fun guy"
  • Attractive: you're back on the market!
  • ​Confident: get that promotion!
  • Self-assured: good relationships!
  • Looking young: be as hip as you feel!
I have seen hair transplant results where the grafts were placed in a density of 30 FU´s per cm2 and it looked way denser and more natural than some results with a better density of 40+ FU´s per cm2.

Why? Because only the best hair transplant surgeons can recreate a naturally-looking result with fewer grafts and make it look full. You have to also accept, that the density of your transplanted hair can never be as good as it used to be before you started losing your hair…

Why? Because for this to happen, your donor area would need to provide 3-4 times more follicular units than it usually can provide which is around 6500-7000 by FUE and 1000-1500 more by FUT.
Would you like me to personally help you get the best hair transplant result and become a younger and more attractive version of yourself… your mentor?
Be aware: I will invest a lot of time into this mentoring. I've been doing close mentorships for quite some time now and we’ve seen incredible results.

You need to understand this:
Naturally-looking hair transplant result means creating an illusion of the best possible hair density by using as few grafts (hair follicles) as possible in order to preserve as much of your donor hair for the next possible hair transplant if your hair loss will get worse (and unfortunately it will).

The hair loss industry is not easy to see through at first:
There are plenty of scammers, expensive anti-hair loss products and treatments which barely work – not even FDA approved, yet being widely offered on the hair loss market and eventually hair transplant doctors who promise you the best hair transplant results but it ends up with unnaturally looking hairline and over-harvested donor area.
The good news is, I've already done most of the heavy lifting for you, as you can tell from these two photos of me.
You just need to

The bad news is, I can't let everyone into this program and this is why you can’t just sign up for it online...
Who is this
program for?
  • You are somebody who prioritizes quality over price of the hair transplant.
  • ​You are willing to invest your time into working with me.
  • You have a positive outlook on life.
What can the mentoring program help you with?
  • Get the best and most naturally-looking hair transplant result.
  • Stabilize your hair loss after your hair transplant and minimizing shock loss.
  • ​Never worry about losing your hair again.
  • ​Become younger and more attractive version of yourself.
How can you apply for the mentoring program?
1. Apply for the mentoring program.

2. My team will call you and speak with you.

3. I will personally choose the people who get to join.
You have to act now!
I can´t estimate how many people I will take into the program until the limit is reached.
Working with many guys individually will take its toll on my free time and in order to keep the quality of the one-on-one mentoring high, I´d rather have a handful of clients who I can deliver the best service possible.

As you know, I have a decent number of followers, so the number of guys applying for this program raises from month to month – one shoutout on my YouTube channel, E-mail list or Facebook group and I will have to close applications for a while.

Be aware: Available spots for the mentoring program are highly limited.
I can only select and accept a small group of highly committed people for this program. In order to join, you have to apply and see if you qualify.
So to raise your chances of being chosen, you should apply as early as you can.
If you're ready to take the next step and get your hair back, then click on the button below, fill out the application and follow further instructions. We will then contact you as soon as possible and give you feedback as to whether you are accepted into the program.

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You have to apply now, if you want to get a chance to get personal mentoring with Matt.

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