Avoid Fatal Mistakes When Regaining Your Hair Or ”Shopping” For a Hair Transplant Clinic 

with My Proven Method!

„Backed by 250+ clinics investigated, 24 Hair Clinics Visits Worldwide, 100 hair transplants observed, and 1900+ Clients Advised since 2018! 

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Here's Some of What You'll Get When You Book The 1 On 1 Call with Matt Dominance Today:

Best Hair Clinic Recommendations based on your hair thickness, hair type & texture, and your expectations, so that you can avoid landing at the wrong clinic!

Independent Assessment from a 3rd party expert who is not financially motivated to rush you into getting a hair transplant, which means a 100% unbiased opinion before or after your hair transplant!

How To Spot Red Flag Offers/Quotes to avoid a Failed/Sub-optimal Hair Transplant  And $3,000 – $10,000+ of Wasted Money on average!

The absolute ”hair loss-proof” Hair Regain and Retain Protocol That Minimizes Side Effects and Maximizes Effectiveness (PDF Cheat Sheet).

What my clients say?

Before After
''Things are going great! I’m very happy with my results. Thanks for everything Matt!''
Before After
''I highly recommend Matt’s 1 on 1 consultation service. Matt helped me plan for top hair clinics, topics to talk to my doctor about, and tips on medications and other preventative measures. Highly recommend. I am super happy with my results!'''
Before After
'' 8 months after my HT: I think the hair is grown back 100% now. It’s pretty thick and dense now!!''
Before After
'' If you want to be guided by an expert in this field and avoid all the possible mistakes with your hair, Matt is the man to consult!''
Before After
''Matt is definitely worth talking to if you're starting to consider a hair transplant and you're not very much into the subject. He'll flag the most common pitfalls and will suggest solutions to consider. I made my decision on the clinic following consultation with Matt and I'm pleased with the outcome.''
Before After
It has been 6 months since my procedure and I am already seeing 80% of the final results! Thanks Matt
Before After
''Matt is definitely worth talking to if you're starting to consider a hair transplant and you're not very much into the subject. He'll flag the most common pitfalls and will suggest solutions to consider. I made my decision on the clinic following consultation with Matt and I'm pleased with the outcome.''
Before After
'' If you want to be guided by an expert in this field and avoid all the possible mistakes with your hair, Matt is the man to consult!''
Before After
''I didn't know all the things I had to be extremely careful of before my hair transplant until I spoke with Matt! Thanks for the guidance man, loving my new hairline!''

Problems with Hair Transplant Clinics You Can Avoid TODAY!

90% of Hair Transplant Clinics prefer to consult their patients for just a split second, 30 minutes before the actual surgery. They do so mainly for economic reasons as they have plenty of patients.

I help you avoid unpleasant surprises on the operation day, and feelings of uncertainty while giving you invaluable advice, and mental preparation, weeks or months in advance!

Profit-thirsty clinics do anything nowadays to lock patients in – even if it means lying to them or giving unrealistic promises!

I equip you with the insider knowledge about how to differentiate between legit and reputable vs low-quality clinics, in order to position yourself for maximum hair transplant success!

99% of men don’t get a 2nd opinion from a subject matter expert who is also a hair transplant patient himself.

I provide you with insights into all the key things I wish I had known before my hair transplant and things I would have done differently, so that you can make it right on your 1st time!

Consequences of Not Having a Strategy for Getting Your Hair Back!

Famous Celebrities Falling for Great Marketing and Getting Poor Results

The unnatural transplanted hairline and temples of Conor McGregor make the result look more detectable! The transplanted hair sticks out into wrong directions and is being see-through!

Spending 30.000$ And Getting Sub-Optimal Results

Wayne Rooney struggles with keeping his hair after 2 (official) hair transplants – worth more than 30.000$, because of missing long-term Hair Retain Protocol.

Over-Harvested Donor Area

Improper hair graft harvesting protocol done by inexperienced personnel leads to patchy-looking appearance only after 1 hair transplant.

Island Of Transplanted Hair In The Front

Getting a hair transplant at a very young age with unpredictable or unexpected hair loss progression in the future. 

What's My Consulting All About?

Are you one of the countless men troubled by hair loss, desperately seeking a way to regain your hair and confidence? I understand the emotional toll that hair loss can take and the overwhelming confusion of finding the best hair restoration clinic. Fear not! I am here to be your trusted ally in your journey to regaining a full head of hair.

Why Choose My Consulting?

With a wealth of experience under our belt, I have dedicated seven years to researching and exploring various treatments and remedies for hair regrowth. hair restoration and hair preservation. Throughout this journey, I’ve encountered both successes and setbacks, gaining valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t. I’ve distilled this knowledge to create a proven strategy for hair restoration and hair loss reversal that suits individual needs.

The Quest for the Best

To provide you with unparalleled guidance, I’ve traveled the globe, visiting 24 hair transplant clinics to evaluate their procedures, results, and reputation. I believe in leaving no stone unturned when it comes to finding the perfect solution for my clients. My relentless pursuit of excellence has allowed me to connect with some of the world’s finest hair restoration specialists, forging relationships that give me a unique edge in the industry.

A Tailored Approach

I understand that every individual’s hair loss situation is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. I take a personalized approach to each case it encounters. I will work closely with you, understanding your concerns, preferences, and expectations to recommend the most suitable hair restoration path.

Unbiased and Transparent

The world of hair restoration can be filled with conflicting information, questionable marketing, and biased reviews. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of misinformation. I pride myself on being an unbiased source of information. My recommendations are transparent and based on extensive research and real client experiences, and personal clinic visits, ensuring you receive authentic and trustworthy guidance.

Our Process

  1. Initial Consultation: Your journey starts with a thorough consultation with one of our hair loss experts. I listen to your concerns, medical history, and aspirations to create a comprehensive understanding of your unique situation.

  2. Personalized Recommendation: Based on the information gathered, I provide you with a personalized plan tailored to your needs. My recommendations may include hair transplant clinics, treatments, and aftercare routines.

  3. Guidance and Support: I stand by your side throughout the entire process. From helping you choose the right clinic to address any concerns post-procedure, I am here to support you every step of the way.

  4. Verified Testimonials: I understand the importance of hearing from real people who have been through a similar journey. Our website features verified testimonials from clients I have successfully assisted, giving you peace of mind and confidence in our services.

  5. Continuous Learning: As the field of hair restoration evolves, so do I. i continuously update my knowledge and expand my network to stay at the forefront of advancements in the industry.

Regain Your Confidence Today!

Don’t let hair loss dictate your life. Take control of your hair restoration journey. With my wealth of experience, personalized approach, and unbiased recommendations, you can be confident in making informed decisions about your hair.

Join the thousands of men I have already helped, and embark on the path to regaining your hair and self-assurance. Get started with your initial consultation today, and together, we’ll bring back the hair you love!

When You Should Not Book a 1 on 1 Call

What is a super tight budget? It is a budget, where the risk of potential complications and compromised outcome of hair transplant surgery is the highest. I don’t advise men on super low-budget clinics, because I can’t help them.

<$3,000 Hair Transplant Budget 

The best solution sometimes means lowering your expectations, or not even pursuing a hair transplant. Guys are being lied to and deceived by the hair industry which creates false expectations. I am here to tell you honestly, what can be realistic and what can’t.

Unable to handle my honesty

Why You Should Book a 1 on 1 Call

The average person who gets unnatural hair transplant results or over-harvested donor area ends up getting a correction job or scalp micro pigmentation within 2 years!

You Save 2.500$ – 5.000$

It takes at least 100 hours to do in-depth research on this matter. Booking a 1 on 1 Call with Matt helps you save endless researching online, or narrowing down a selection of clinics offering different methods and approaches. 

You Save 100+ hours researching

Don’t need to scratch your head for days and weeks about which clinic is best for you based on hundreds of price and quality variations out there!

 Don’t need to go through the constant trial and failure of the clinics that are result driven vs only profit driven. 

Don’t need to wonder whether the clinic is telling you the truth and how to spot lies in the hair transplant quotes/offers

You Avoid Clinic Comparison Dilemmas

Most guys don’t know what they are signing up for until 30-60 minutes before their procedure when they are able to speak with the doctor for the first time. 90% of doctors don’t offer consultations weeks or months in advance.

Avoid mental dilemmas shortly before the procedure and know exactly what you are signing up for – weeks/months in advance, so you have enough time to think about all the options.

You Avoid Unpleasant Surprises right before the procedure

How To Get an Appointment with Me?

1. Book The 1 on 1 Call

by clicking the ”Book Now” Button below.

2. Complete the Payment

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3. Schedule the 1 on 1 Call

by choosing an available slot in my Calendly schedule that suits you.

4. Receive a Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation email from me within 24 hours with further steps. If you have any issues, find it difficult to schedule an appointment, or prefer direct contact, we will make the appointment by email at gethair@mattdominance.com

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Client Interviews

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Your Consulting Options

This is not a cookie-cutter service. Each session will be bespoke to you based on the form you fill out before the call. 

That means if you want a tonne of support just on hair loss or hair transplant clinic choice (for example) the entire session can be devoted to that. 

60 Min Call

One Time
  • Hair Loss Support
  • Hair Transplant
  • 60 minute Call

30 Min Call

One Time
  • Hair Loss Support
  • Hair Transplant
  • 30 minute Call


Most frequent questions and answers

The duration of the consultation depends on you. If there are still any ambiguities or questions, I will also answer them for you. Generally, I plan in 60 or 30-minute blocks. Very rarely does it actually take longer.

A consulting session has to be taken in one go because I’m short on time. However, second calls can be booked as a package at a reduced price or taken up afterward with a discount of 20%. The ideal solution in such a case would be booking my consultation bundle option for a special price including 2 calls you are able to schedule with me based on your preferred time frame. 

You have 2 options to make an appointment:

  1. You book the call on this page, pay via Paypal/credit card and receive a confirmation email from me within 24 hours with further steps and available consultation days and times.
  2. If it is difficult to find an appointment or if you prefer direct contact, we will make the appointment by email at gethair@mattdominance.com

Yes. Of course, you can record the conversation so that you can listen to it again afterward.

You only pay for the advice if you actually get something for it. If we find out together in the first 10 minutes of our conversation that I cannot find a solution for you, I will of course not charge you anything for it.

  1. Book a Call with Matt
  2. Fill out a quick Consultation Form
  3. Receive a Confirmation Email within 24 hours
  4.  Send Matt Photos of your Hair Condition
  5. Receive personalized Advice from Matt during a Zoom/Skype Video Call

mattdominance.com’s main revenue source is Adsense YouTube video monetization, 1 on 1 consulting service revenue and brand sponsorship (Gofybr). This blog also makes an extra affiliate revenue from referring to amazon.com and dslaboratories.com. My hair transplant clinics/doctors recommendations are 100% independent.


Personal hair loss and hair transplant advisor since 2018

Expert in helping men with getting their hair back! More charisma, attractiveness, and feeling great in your own skin!

If you desire to have a fuller head of hair again, stop your hair from falling out ,and find the best option for getting your hair back based on your personal situation and preferences then I can definitely help you.

I am great at providing the best options for dealing with hair loss and getting your hair back!

Work History:
  • Spent 7 years researching how to regrow and keep my hair, and tried multiple treatments and remedies – some of which failed me, while others helped me.
  • Visited 20 hair transplant clinics worldwide, and interviewed many of the best doctors in the world (see the whole list of clinics)
  • Consulted close to 2000 men with hair loss struggles, finding the best hair transplant clinic and getting their hair back (see some of my client results)
Awards, Titles, and Designations:
  • Certified hair practitioner (By International Association of Trichologists) with specialization in hair and skin conditions
Other Info:
  • I have observed more than 25 hair transplant surgeries in person: FUE, FUT and DHI
  • I speak 4 languages (English, German, Slovak, Spanish)enjoy doing bodybuilding in my free time, love intermittent fasting, and have traveled to 25 countries

When you want to solve your hair issues for good, turn to the experts who specialized in helping men get their hair back!

I can help you have a full head of hair again, stop your hair from falling out , and find the best options and places to get your new hair based on your personal situation and preferences!

hair transplant before and after
2016 vs 2022

Me at 25 vs 30 years old

I started experiencing hair loss when I was 17. My forehead started to move higher and higher year by year until I realized something needed to be done. After many years of feeling unwell in my own skin and feeling insecure about becoming prematurely bald, I had my first hair transplant in 2016. 

Having hair again has made a huge impact on my life. It changed the way I am able to present myself, supercharged my dating life, and got my confidence back! I realized that having a nice head of hair especially in ones 20’s and 30’s is a very valuable thing and I decided to do anything to make it a reality.

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Average rating:  
 60 reviews
 by Adam

Matt really helped me pick a surgeon and feel confident about proceeding with my transplant.. I had been considering one surgeon that I think would have been pretty good but with Matt's recommendations I'm confident that I found a great surgeon. Matt asked me questions to help understand what was right for me during our video call and replied quickly via email to my follow up questions. Matt is the same friendly and helpful guy you see on YouTube when he talks to you one-on-one. It was a good investment to get his input.

 by Matt

I cannot recommend Matt Dominance 1 on 1 session highly enough. During our 1 on 1 call we discussed suitable clinics that checked all the boxes for my needs and budget, then narrowed it down to the clinic I ended up booking with. Speaking with him took away all the anxiety that I was having regarding the procedure. Matt made sure that I was fully confident and knowledgeable going forward. If you are considering getting a hair transplant do yourself a favour and book a 1 on 1 call with him. It did for me what spending countless hours on browsing hairloss forums and reddit did not and I could not be more happy.

 by Peter

My 1-hour session with Matt was very useful. We covered my current hair loss prevention regime and he enabled me to optimize it further.
Even more useful was to finally have a clear insight into what type of transplant I could have and the expected results, including any limitations.
The final cream on top was a discussion on transplant doctors including a recommended short list that have experience with my type of hair !
I found Matt to be sincere and it is good to get this 1 on 1 help if you can guys.

 by Anwar

Matt is an amazing consultant! In one hour of talking to him, I got better advice and recommendations than what my VA came up with after several weeks of research. Do yourself a favor, and schedule a call with Matt. He's the best! - A.H

 by Mahmoud
Matt answered all my questions and confirmed me on my future plan

After watching many of his videos i decided to buy the 1 on 1 call with Matt, it answered all my questions and confirmed me on my future plan.

Last touch was a summary pdf file that he sent me after the call with everything that we talked about and the plan step by step.. if you have any doubts or unanswered questions.. then i can recommend you to buy the call

 by Tilen
100% recommend the 1 on 1 consultation

I would 100% recommend the 1 on 1 consultation. If you’re considering getting a hair transplant and having an open conversation about your hair situation and learning about the best transplant clinic options for you, based on your price, quality and location preferences, Matt is definitely the right address to point and guide you in the right direction, while also giving you advice based specifically on your hair-loss situation and desired result.

 by Nicodeme
100% recommend anyone before doing any hair transplant.

I had a great 1 on 1 call with Matt. He never rushed me during the entire call. He allowed me to ask any question I wanted about hair loss and what options I would have to treat my hair loss. Hands down Matt is very knowledgeable about this topic. He will not advise you something that you don't need and he is very honest about all the risiks, cost, and potential outcomes/results of FUE or FUT and the use of any medications. I would 100% recommend anyone to have a 1 on 1 call with Matt before doing any hair transplant.

 by Armando
Great recommendations on clinics and on future treatment

I have been contemplating a hair transplant for over a year. I did a lot of research online and was overwhelmed with the amount of clinics and variations in quality, price, etc. After speaking with a few clinics I was unsure of which clinic I should chose or if they were even giving me an accurate evaluation of my case. I decided to contact Matthew and scheduled a consultation. Prior to my consultation he requested pictures and asked many questions about my desired outcome. We met for one hour and he took the time to evaluate my case by looking at my pictures and giving me his honest opinion. I found Matthew to be very empathetic, credible and provided great recommendations on future treatment and helped me narrow my list to two clinics I will likely use. Money was well spent and would do it all over again.

Thanks Matt!

 by Matt
surpassed all expectations.

Thanks again for your time on the call. For me it surpassed all expectations.

Before our call I felt like I’d exhausted all possible options when it comes to hair loss and that I was running out of runway when it comes to preventing further loss following my hair transplant.

Following our call I realise that this isn’t the case at all! You helped me to form a brand new hair loss strategy consisting of treatments I wasn’t aware of before. As well as analysing my current hair loss situation and sharing your own wisdom and experience from your own hair loss journey.

It’s also great to know that you will be there to monitor my progress with me as I go through the regrowth phase.

To be honest I wish I booked this coaching call sooner! And would definitely recommend to somebody else who may be struggling like I was.

 by Daniel
Thanks Matt !

The 1 on 1 call really helped me to understand how to slow my hairloss in the most effective way that I can afford myself and decide about the time and the route I will do a hair transplant.

I highly recommend it for everyone who cares about their hair condition and would like to get help from the number 1 - MATTDOMINANCE !

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