Jude Law - Hair Transplant or Not?

written by Matt Dominance

Jude Law's Hair Transformation - In this post you will find out

  • Did Jude Law have a hair transplant?
  • How bad is Jude Law’s hair loss really?
  • Why the hair of Jude Law keeps changing from movie to movie? Spy 2015 vs King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 2017
  • Has he already started using Finasteride(Propecia) and Minoxidil to slow down his hair loss?

Hair Loss History

Jude 1998 - 26 y.o
26 years old Jude Law | NW 1 - NW2 Hair Loss Transition

Hair Situation in his mid 20´s

  • 25 – 26 years old
  • Visible signs of male pattern baldness on the corners of his hairline
  • Well-preserved frontal hairline with the mid-frontal point
  • Visible beginnings of a NW 2 (Norwood Scale)

Hair Loss from a NW 2 until a NW 4 in the next 15 years

Jude Law in 2011 vs 2014

Hair Situation until his early 40´s

  • 42 years old
  • Hairline turns from a V-shape into a narrow U-shape
  • NW 4 hair loss pattern without visible vertex hair loss 
  • Visible hairline regression compared to his hair line in his mid 20´s
jude law 2013
Jude Law in 2013

Jude Law's Hair Comeback in 2015

Jude Law - Spy 2015
Jude Law's Hairline in the movie Spy (2015)

Role in the movie "Spy" (2015)

  • Compared to Jude’s previous movies like Sherlock Holmes from 2009 he looks much younger in the movie Spy (2015)
  • Jude Law’s corners look less receded compared to 2013 and 2014
  • The hair on the frontal hairline looks much fuller and voluminous
  • Hair has also slightly lighter color in the movie Spy (2015) compared to his natural hair
  • Jude Law’s natural hair is rather wavy than straight as it keeps growing longer

Hair Transplant or a Hair System?

jude law hair transplant or hair system
Jude Law interviewed for the movie "Spy" in 2015

Why Jude Law has been wearing a partial hair system in the movie Spy (2015)?

  • Jude’s hairline is more defined and his corners look less receded 
  • He has been interviewed for the same movie in 2015 with and without hair system (which makes the difference obvious)
  • The artificial hair from the hair system looks more straight and has a brighter shade compared to Jude’s natural hair color and hair texture
  • After looking at photos of Jude Law between 2016 – 2020, his hairline looks as receded as it used to before 2015
Jude Law 2015 vs 2018
Jude Law in 2015 (left) vs 2018 (right)

Is Jude Law on Finasteride or Minoxidil?

Jude Law 2020
Jude Law 2020

Minoxidil and Finasteride were never likely a part of Jude’s hair loss prevention regimen.

Although he might have given Minoxidil or Finasteride a try, it´s unlikely that he was on any of these treatments long term.

He doesn’t seem to be a fan of hair transplant either, otherwise he would have already gotten one in conjunction with FDA approved treatments for hair loss to maximize his results.

After looking at his hair loss history though, it seems like he never tried to slow down his hair loss otherwise he would have likely been more successful.

Is Jude Law a good hair transplant candidate?

Although Jude Law doesn’t seem to show much interest in hair restoration, he clearly shows several signs of a good hair transplant candidate.

1. He has a virgin donor area (not affected by any previous hair transplant)

2. He seems to have straight/wavy hair type and rather thick hair caliber which both contribute to achieving an optimal result after hair transplant

3. His donor area (sides and back of his scalp) show no signs of thinning and the hair in these areas is rather strong and thick

4. He doesn’t have any hair loss on the vertex area (crown of the head)

5. Jude has a solid body hair density underneath his chin. Such body hair could be additionally utilized for hair restoration (in cases when patients don’t have enough donor hair at the back of the scalp)

6. Based on the hair on his sides and back, I estimate his hair per graft average to be rather high. Having high hair per graft average means having many hairs coming out of each graft (hair unit) on average. Normally, candidates with higher hair per graft average tend to get superior and denser – looking results.


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