My 2nd FUE Hair Transplant

Recipient area partially shaved before the surgery

2nd hair transplant Before the surgery

Recipient area was shaved before the procedure for a better view during the implantation. The size of the recipient zone is roughly around 45 cm2, which wasn´t entirely bald but contained some miniaturized hair – especially in the middle. 

Donor area right after my surgery

982 hair follicles have been extracted from the donor area via manual punch.

  • Single grafts: 637
  • Double grafts: 311
  • Triple grafts: 34

Recipient area immediately after the surgery

My 2nd hair transplant 982 grafts after

The recipient area was cleaned properly immediately after the procedure had been over followed up with spraying the saline solution on the recipient area every 60 minutes from this time on until the first 4 days post op. 

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Donor area 5 days after manual FUE extraction

The last day of visible scabbing on my donor area.

Recipient area 6 months after...

Recipient area 6 months after zoomed in

Donor area 6 months after...

Recipient area 9 months after, shampooed and blowdried

Donor area 9 months after...

Matt Dominance Hair Transplant Profile Photo

Matt Dominance

Matt is a hair transplant patient. He has been through 2 hair transplants himself. Over the years he has been helping out men and women suffering from male/female pattern hair loss. 

His YouTube channel MATT DOMINANCE is very well known in the hair loss community for discussing topics of hair loss management and hair transplants. helps men and women make a well-informed decision before getting a hair transplant.