#1 Hair Transplant in Turkey for 3,000 – 6,000$

Are you looking for a clinic in the 3,000$ – 6,000$ price range?

Doctor Performed Hair Transplant in Turkey
Are you looking for a strictly doctor-performed hair transplant with hiqh-quality standards in Turkey for a reasonable price?
Why there is a waiting list?

Most of the hair transplant doctors – once they become really experienced, instead of continuing to do the hair transplants themselves, they prefer training an entirely new team of doctors which can keep doing the hair transplants for them.

Our doctor decided to keep being involved in every hair transplant from the graft extraction, slit making and implantation phase.

Unfortunately this only allows him to accept one patient per day, but if you are willing to wait until May 2020 when the new hair transplant slots will be opened, then you should join the waiting list below so you will be among the first ones to be contacted and given a possibility to get an online hair evaluation and possible surgery date suggestion (if you are a suitable candidate).

Quality standards of our doctor
Our doctor works in line with the following quality and ethical standards:
  •  Uses newest motorized tools for the grafts extraction
  • Performs the whole graft extraction phase by himself
  • Has more then 10 years of experience in FUE hair restoration
  • Only harvests up to 2,000 hair follicles (grafts) per day
  • Experienced in donor area homogenization
  • Performs the incision-making (slits) by himself
  • Supervises the implantation phase done by his nurses with implanters
  • Price per graft – 1.50 Euro (for virgin donor)
Name of the clinic?
Unfortunately I am not allowed to mention any names at this moment, because no official announcement has been made so far! 

I am sorry for keeping you waiting, but the best thing you can do is to sign up for our waiting list and be among the first guys who will get newest updates!

Sign up for our waiting List!

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