Minoxidil and Finasteride 2in1 topical solutions for hair loss prevention

Effective Hair Loss Prevention with Finasteride and Minoxidil 2in1 Topical

written by Matt Dominance

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Why M/F solution is better than Minoxidil alone...

Although topical Finasteride solutions enriched in Minoxidil are not FDA approved for hair loss. They can be pretty effective.


Studies done on Topical Finasteride solutions enriched with Minoxidil showed superior efficacy to Minoxidil only.(1) 

Furthermore,  similar clinical efficacy of Topical Minoxidil 5% with Oral Finasteride 1mg and Topical Minoxidil 5% with Topica Finasteride 0.1% has been observed. (2)   

45 patients previously treated with Minoxidil 5% and oral Finasteride 1mg for 2 years replaced this treatment with Topical Finasteride 0.1% fortified with Minoxidil 5%.(3)

As a result of that,  84.44% of subjects (45 subjects total) maintained a good hair density with topical minoxidil-finasteride combination.

What is the best Minoxidil and Finasteride concentration for the most potent Fin/Minox topical solution?

topical finasteride best concentration for hair loss+

Concentrations of Minoxidil which show efficacy in treating alopecia overall are: 2%,5%,10% and 15%.

In one of my other articles “Minoxidil 5% UPGRADES! 10% and 15%” I wrote about the ultimate superiority of Minoxidil 15% to 10% and 5%, while Minoxidil 5% and 10% showed rather similar effectiveness.

Firstly, effective concentrations of topical Finasteride require further studies. Concentrations of as low as 0.005% all the way up to 0.25% have been already researched in treating male and female alopecia.


Unfrotunately, there is no study which would further evaluate the dose response of different topical Finasteride concentrations. Factors like alcohol, propylene glycol, but also delivery through nanoparticles or liposomes can play a role in topical Finasteride transcutaneous absorption.(4)


For example in my “Topical Finasteride – Hair Loss Guide” article I compared different studies on Topical Finasteride suggesting 0.1% concentration to be the most optimal (until further research will be conducted).(5)

The concentration of 0.25% Topical Finasteride also occurs frequently in several small studies. It has been also shown efficacious in terms of inhibiting DHT with less plasma exposure to Finsteride.(6)


In summary topical Finasteride fortified with Minoxidil has shown significantly superior results to Minoxidil only.

Similar efficacy between M/F 2in1 solution used in Group A and oral Finasteride with Minoxidil 5% used in Group B.

The optimal concentration of Finasteride in the M/F 2in1 solution hasn´t been established yet. It is likely to be between 0.1% and 0.25%.

The optimal concentration of Minoxidil in the M/F 2in1 solution is 5% (or higher if you won´t respond to 5% Minoxidil).

Pros of using Topical Finasteride fortified with Minoxidil

  • Sexual side effects of oral Finasteride can be minimazed by using topical Finasteride solution combined with Minoxidil. However they can´t be eliminated 100% either.
  • Topical Finasteride fortified with Minoxidil is superior to Minoxidil alone and/or Topical Finasteride alone.
  • You are targeting your hair loss via 2 different pathways by A: blocking DHT topically with Finasteride, and B: using a potent potassium channel opener like Minoxidil for additional vasodilation in the scalp.

Cons of using Topical Finasteride fortified with Minoxidil

  • There is no established concentration of Finasteride and Minoxidil in the M/F 2in1 solutions offered online or compounded by pharmacies. Further research is required, to establish optimal concentrations and improve its absorption via polymeric nanoparticles.
  • You can still experience side effects by using topical Finasteride. They won´t be as serious though, because the Finasteride plasma exposure by using topical Finasteride is much lower as opposed to Finasteride tablet.


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