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Use of Topical Finasteride for Hair Loss - Guide

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Topical Finasteride: Effective DHT inhibition without using oral Finasteride?

Topical Finasteride is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives for many guys who worry about the systemic side effects from oral Finasteride (sexual side effects, erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, PFS – post Finasteride syndrome). 

Even by using Minoxidil many guys are still not doing enough to prevent their hair loss progression effectively. The vast majority of Minoxidil users still falls short because they´re not treating the androgenic side of hair loss. Relying solely on Minoxidil is not rational. 

The most potent androgen is DHT – dihydrotestosterone. Therefore it is the androgen which speeds up your androgenic alopecia the most (by genetic predisposition). Another (less potent) androgens like Testosterone, DHEA, Androstenedione, Androstenediol, Androsterone and their weaker metabolites are definitely responsible for male pattern hair loss, although to a lesser extent.

Topical Finasteride has been shown to inhibit 70% of DHT on the scalp.(1)

Topical Finasteride vs Oral Finasteride: Effectiveness

topical finasteride studies
Oral Finasteride – outperforming Topical Finasteride slightly in the long run

The terminal hairs in finasteride gel group were always more than the finasteride tablet group, until third month of therapy. However, they were similar in both groups during the fourth month of treatment. At 5th and 6th months, the terminal hair counts were more in the group who were receiving tablets, thus explaining the efficacy of the tablet during therapeutic period.”

Study on 45 male patients taking 1mg Finasteride tablet vs 0.1% Finasteride gel(2)
Topical Finasteride: Similar DHT inihibition to oral Finasteride with less plasma exposure to Finasteride!

“A strong and similar inhibition of plasma DHT was found after 1 week of treatment with the topical and tablet finasteride formulations, albeit finasteride plasma exposure was significantly lower with the topical than with the oral product.”

Study on 24 male patients taking 1mg Finasteride tablet vs 0.25% Finasteride gel(3)
topical finasteride best concentration

Best Topical Finasteride concentration for optimal transdermal absorption

It has been shown that not only the concentration of Finasteride but also the delivery method matter. 

This study suggests 0.1% concentration (1% Finasteride) to have the most dermal absorption.(2)

Another study describes how polymeric nanoparticles could mean a new carrier for topical delivery of Finasteride in hair follicles.(4)  

Future topical Finasteride delivery via NLC (nanostructured lipid carriers)

nanostructured lipid carriers and Finasteride delivery

NLCs could be a novel form for application of topical anti hair loss agents/stimulants. The research on nanostructured lipid carriers is focusing on more effective, steady and consistent transdermal absorption of Finasteride.(5)

The success rate of topical anti-hair loss products relying upon transdermal absorption of the scalp can differ.

Since topical Finasteride hasn´t received approval from the FDA yet, there is neither a standardized concentration nor there is a unified way for its topical delivery.

The success of dermatological products in alopecia therapy depends on the capability of the drug to overcome the outermost layer of the epidermis and to penetrate through skin in sufficient amounts.

In order to achieve this effectively NLCs of different length are yet to be researched to deliver anti-alopecia drugs into the dermis and hair follicles.

The optimal outcome would be to achieve high transdermal penetration together with continuous release of topical Finasteride over 24h period. 

How to get Topical Finasteride without prescription/for research purposes

Topical Finasteride prescription Free

You can get topical Finateride compounded by a pharmacy (prescription required) or you can order it online.

Price of a pharmacy compunded topical Finasteride can be 2-3 times higher than getting topical Finasteride only (for reasearch purposes).

You can simply order topical Finasteride online and have it comfortably delivered to your home (worldwide shipping costs 15$).

One year supply will cost you 300$ which is much better than 500-600$ you pay for a pharmacy compounded topical Finasteride solution.

Topical Finasteride
(with prescription)

My experience with pharmacy compounded topical Finasteride

Topical Finasteride from a pharmacy, which I have been using for 6 months.

I haven´t experienced any sexual side effects whatsoever.

The only side effect I experienced initially were slight headaches.

This solution contained 2.5mg of Finasteride per 1ml (0.25 or 2.5%).

This compund started to work already within the first month of using it daily.

The cost: 45 Euro per 30ml bottle you see on the photo. Sometimes I had to use more than 1ml to sufficiently cover up all the thinning areas which made it last shorter than 1 month.

Topical Finasteride with prescription available by the following physicians:

Topical Finasteride concentrations may vary among physicians and pharmacies

  • Dr. Alan Bauman (Boca Raton, Florida,USA)
  • Dr. Hasson & Wong (Vancouver, Canada)
  • Dr. Carlos Wesley (NYC,USA)
  • Farmaciaparati (Italy/online)
  • Allerheiligen Apotheke (Austria)
  • Dr. Christian Bisanga (Brussels, Belgium)


  • Topical Finasteride is thought to be as a more side effect-free version of oral Finasteride 1mg.
  • Several studies confirmed similar efficacy of Finasteride 1mg vs Finasteride gel 1% or 2.5%.
  • Topical Finasteride is able to inhibit DHT more efficiently on the scalp initially as opposed to oral Finasteride. 
  • The scientific evidence suggests, that oral Finasteride tends to slightly outperform its topical version in the long-run.
  • Topical Finasteride can be bought online (prescription-free) or from a pharmacy (prescriprion required).
  • The quality of topical finasteride may differ from supplier to supplier. It´s important to get your topical Finasteride from a trusted source.
  • Topical Finasteride is not FDA approved with no standardized dose/concentration. Neither there is a unified way of its topical delivery. 
  • NLCs (nanostructured lipid carriers) can be a novel way of applying topical Finasteride for treating androgenic alopecia more effectively.

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  1. Hi Pete. The highest concentration of topical Finasteride I was able to find online for purchase was 0.25

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