Topical Finasteride Liposomal Gel 2.5% before and after results!

I have been using topical finasteride gel 2.5% – (non-FDA approved hair loss treatment), and applying daily (1ml) on my crown area and mid-scalp for almost 6 months from September 2019 – February 2020.



  • Liposomal delivery allows a high ability to penetrate the first skin layer and keep the active ingredients in the desired areas (depot effect with a slower and more sustained release of finasteride into the scalp)
  • I have experienced a significant decrease in the rate of hair loss after 6 months
  • No smearing or greasing the hair because it gets absorbed very quickly
  • It doesn´t contain any Propylene Glycol or Alcohol which might cause skin irritations by some individuals or dry scalp



  • High dosage of Finasteride active ingredient per 1ml. 25mg of Finasteride active ingredient per 1 ml of liposomal gel can be considered rather high. 2.5% solution = equivalent of 25 mg of Finasteride active ingredient per 1ml (prescribed dose)
  • Systemic absorption is not entirely excluded and there is no study which could confirm 0% plasma permeation of this liposomal finasteride gel either
  • Some individuals on forums using this gel have mentioned side effects + long term accumulation of Finasteride in the system is likely even by very low systemic permeation of this liposomal gel
  • High price. Monthly supply costs 45-50 Euro excl. shipping cost
  • Short shelf life – 6 months

Topical Finasteride – My progress photos 0 – 5.5 months

Before starting with Topical Finasteride

  • Thinning hair on my crown area and a portion of my mid-scalp. 
  • I have never used Finasteride before (oral/topical), only Minoxidil

topical finasteride 1 month update
topical finasteride before and after 2 months
topical finasteride before and after 3 months
topical finasteride before and after 4 months

5.5 Months after using topical Finasteride (liposomal gel)

  • Hair loss stabilization on my mid-scalp and crown
  • Less hair fall on a daily basis
  • Only slight hair thickening so far

Design an effective Topical Finasteride solution with Essengen-F and Stemoxydine

0.025% Topical Finasteride with Stemoxydine

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