Topical finasteride before and after results!

 I have been using topical finasteride gel 2.5% – (non FDA approved hair loss treatment), and applying daily (1ml) on my crown area and mid-scalp. 

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Topical finasteride is the liquid version of Finasteride

Topical finasteride has been developed as a result of many complaints of patients on the oral Finasteride (Propecia).


Hair loss maintenance with topical Finasteride

Clinical research on topical application of Finasteride for treating hair loss is  still in its infancy. 

Limitations of the current scientific research on topical finasteride: 1. not enough studies, 2. low sample sizes

Despite of that, I decided to give topical Finasteride a try for at least 12 months. See all of my monthly update photos below.

 Topical vs oral Finasteride – efficacy (STUDY)

In this study from 2009 done by the Department of Dermatology in Iran, observes 45 subjects in order to find out the difference between the efficacy of oral and topical finasteride.

 Topical Finasteride 0.25% + Minoxidil 3% vs Minoxidil 3% (STUDY)

Another topical finasteride-related study on 40 men divided in 2 groups

 Topical Finasteride studies in summary (7 STUDIES)

 In this systematic review of topical Finasteride (7 studies with an average sample size of 34 men per sample)

Feel free to read through the whole report of the 7 studies but here is my summary of it – in case you want to save some time:

  • Statistically significant increase in total and terminal hair
  • Significant decrease in rate of hair loss after 6 months
  • Patients who utilized topical + oral Finsteride and topical Dutasteride , achieved significant growth in as little as 30 days.
  • Topical Finasteride reduced plasma DHT by 68–75% and oral Finasteride 1mg by 62–72% 

Topical Finasteride progress photos

Before Topical Finasteride

  • Thinning hair on my crown area and portion of my mid-scalp. 
  • Never took Finasteride before (oral/topical), only Minoxidil
  • Never had any problems with erection, libido or similar sexual problems
topical finasteride 1 month update
topical finasteride before and after 2 months
topical finasteride before and after 3 months
topical finasteride before and after 4 months
Regular monthly updates coming soon…

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