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Hair Transplant experience with Matt Dominance


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5 Things I wished I had known before my hair transplant

Updated in 2020!

Best Hair Transplant Doctors in 25 countries worldwide!

Best Hair Transplant doctors in 25 Countries - 2020 Edition

Hair Call with Matt Dominance

hair consultation with Matt Dominance

Hair Transplant and Hair Loss Articles

How to manage your Hair Loss in 2020 - Guide

hair loss treatments in 2020

Ultimate Hair Loss Blueprint!

4 Options of combating Hair Loss (AGA)

4 main pathways how to target your hair loss (androgenic alopecia) effectively.

3 Things you have to know before your hair transplant

3 Things you must accept before your hair transplant!

Learn to have the right expectations before you decide to get a hair transplant.

I wish I knew about Hair Transplant in Turkey - PART I.

hair transplant in Turkey part 1

I wish I knew about Hair Transplant in Turkey - PART II.

I wish I knew about Hair Transplant in Turkey - PART 2

Hair Transplant Facebook Group - Hair Transplant Experiences

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In this group we discuss everything around hair loss, hair restoration, hair doctors and experiences with different clinics worldwide, before and after results and potential anti-hair loss treatments of the near future!

The more guys like you share their experience in this group, the more valuable it becomes to everybody interested in getting his hair back!

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Hair Transplant Facebook Group
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Matt Dominance


Matt is a content creator who started experiencing hair loss in his late teens and already had 2 surgeries. His educational YouTube channel MATT DOMINANCE is very well known for discussing topics of hair loss and hair transplants.