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Problems with the Hair Loss and Hair Restoration Industry

Hair Loss Doctors are quick to prescribe finasteride, but forget to discuss the side effects management with patients, since 99% of doctors don’t take Finasteride themselves.

Dermatologists are quick to sign you up for an over-priced PRP, non-proven Stem Cell, or a Mesotherapy plan without telling you that the results of these treatments are actually way inferior to the FDA approved standard of treating hair loss in men!

Hair Transplant Doctors are quick to accept you for a hair restoration, even if you may not be the right candidate! They focus too much on the technical aspect of the hair restoration, forgetting to share with you the full picture, and educating you about the long-term pros and cons of such decision!

Hair Loss Companies are eager to put you on their subscription plan which is full of ”revolutionary” shampoo formulas or topical ”miraculous” hair regrowth serums without sharing you the studies proving the actual effectiveness of their over-hyped products!

How I lost my hair, then regrew some of it, and eventually got a hair transplant!

Before After
You are here because you understand the importance of striving for a better head of hair!
I am glad you cam to this realization yourself! 
Because it took me 5 years to realize it, while I have already lost more than 30% of hair on top of my head…


Me in 2016
 Catching your hair loss early on can be super tricky and many people are unaware for years…
And that’s why…
Once you are sure that your hair is progressively thinning, you need to act quickly!
Being proactive right away can tremendously increase your chances of reversing your hair loss!
Maybe you have already tried to treat and reverse your hair loss but you have failed to achieve the results you wished for…
Maybe you have never done anything to get your hair back even though it’s something you know you want…
Either way



before hair transplant
Me in 2016
I was 24 years young, with most of my 20’s and 30’s experiences still ahead of me, but….
Waking up every single morning and in the mirror gazing at my huge forehead with a hairline of an average 40+ year-old 
After a certain point, I had enough…
I actually admire guys who were fortunate to get real about their hair loss soon enough and started to be solution-oriented right away!
Why? Because these solutions are actually only 7-8 months close from your current bald spot(s).
Why 8 months?
8 Months is the average time period when you start getting serious hair regrowth if you commit to a scientifically proven anti hair loss regimen!
At the 6th month mark you also get insane hair regrowth out of a hair transplant, and you will start noticing your hairline thickening day by day and framing your face!

Hair Transplant + Treatment after 8 Months

Hair Transplant after 7 Months

I wish, someone had explained this to me 10 years ago…
You won’t notice that you are losing your hair until you have already lost 40-50% of it…
A well-trained physique will never compensate for a lack of your hair…

Hair loss is super common affecting more and more younger guys than you think…Society teaches men to be passive (”Shut up, man up and and carry all of your mental burdens”). This keeps men quiet and insecure.

My Online Dating Results after comparing a ''Bald Me'' to '''Hairy Me''
Once I became open about my hair loss struggles, I started getting 100’s of DM’s and emails from guys like you who wanted to do something with their hair loss!
I started my YouTube channel 5+ years ago and ever since I have already inspired 100.000’s of men all over the world to start doing something about their hair loss, because there is nothing wrong in addressing your hair struggles! 
I also personally mentored more than 1400 men who decided to get serious and drastically improve their hair game to become younger-looking, more attractive, confident and mentally at ease with themselves!
It is all about following a proven routine (like when you consistently hit the gym or practice shooting on a goal to become a better scorer in soccer or ice hockey)…

This step by step process needs to be repeated on a daily basis to get you the best hair thickening and hair loss reversal effects just in a matter of 6 months.

The path towards Your Hair Greatness starts

Who is

MATTDOMINANCE is one of the leading hair transplant and hair loss related channels on YouTube with over 55k subs which aims to properly educate men and women suffering from hair loss about potential treatments incl. hair transplants. 

I had 3 hair transplants and 1 hair correction surgery and I invest all of my time and effort into helping men fix their hair issues.

I visited 17 hair transplant doctors worldwide (see the whole list) and observed 30+ hair transplant procedures in person (FUE and FUT).

Since 2019 I have been working as an online consultant in the sphere of hair loss management and hair transplant.

My research on hair transplant doctors and clinics as well as my 1 on 1 advice helps 100’s men each year to make a well-informed decision before their hair transplant surgery and achieve the best results with only a small number of hair clinics worldwide, that I recommend! 


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Getting Your Hair Back Can Change Your Life if You Do All the Things Right!

Post Consultation Results

''After consulting with Matt, I now have a clear understanding of the best way to move forward with my hair. I'd highly recommend a phone call with Matt if you're losing hair and not sure about the best way to proceed to get your hair back!''
''I highly recommend Matt’s 1 on 1 consultation service. Matt is patient, attentive, and beyond friendly. Matt helped me plan for top hair clinics, topics to talk to my doctor about, and tips on medications and other preventative measures. Highly recommend. I am super happy with my results!'''
''I am thankful for consulting my hair condition with Matt and letting him choose my hair transplant clinic!''
''I am 4.5 months in and I am already super excited about my results!!! Thanks Matt for guiding me through all this!''
''Thanks for all of the support Matt! I will definitely use your service if I ever need another transplant!''
''Just wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. These are life changing decisions and your input and guidance are essential. I definitely feel more empowered to make an informed decision with the next step in my hair loss journey!''
'' If you want to be guided by an expert in this field and avoid all the possible mistakes with your hair, Matt is the man to consult!''
''Matt is definitely worth talking to if you're starting to consider a hair transplant and you're not very much into the subject. He'll flag the most common pitfalls and will suggest solutions to consider. I made my decision on the clinic following consultation with Matt and I'm pleased with the outcome.''
''I would recommend a consultation with Matt whilst researching hair transplant procedures. So many fake reviews and social media influencer marketing out there its tough to cut through all the BS. Matt is a breath of fresh air and brings some much needed clarity to your research.''
''I didn't know all the things I had to be extremely careful of before my hair transplant until I spoke with Matt! Thanks for the guidance man, loving my new hairline!''