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I help people reverse their hair loss and provide hair transplant education helps you become educated as a patient before undergoing a hair transplant and avoid common mistakes guys make during their hair transplant research!

Ending up with an awesome head of hair again is about doing a set of simple proven steps gets hair loss sufferers laser-focused on the simple cations that get their hair back. You’ll find my clients getting big results with their hair because they can act quickly and follow a proven set of simple steps towards their new hair!

MATTDOMINANCE is one of the leading hair transplant and hair loss related channels on YouTube which aims to properly educate men and women suffering from hair loss about potential treatments. 

MATT DOMINANCE YouTube channel has over 9,000,000 views, 48,000+ subscribers and more than 7000 men watch my videos every single day!

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Connecting with the World´s Leading Hair Loss Experts and bringing the knowledge to you!

Matt and Dr. Erdogan
Dr. Korray Erdogan
Dr. Alberto Peek
Dr. Karadeniz
Matt Dominance and Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu
Dr. Sahinoglu
Matt Dominance and Dr Arslan
Dr. Arslan
Dr. Lara Just
Matt Dominance and Dr Muresanu
Dr. Sever Muresanu
Matt Dominance and Dr Turan
Dr. Turan
manual FUE method
Manual FUE
grafts under microscope 3
Matt Dominance

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Client Reviews

The hair starts looking sick already! I am hoping for even slightly better density by the month 12. I will keep you posted.
Collin R.
7 Months later
I think these are awesome results compared to what I had before. And it's only 3100 grafts!
Tom E.
7 Months later
Thomas Htss with Matt
Thanks for guiding me throughout the whole process Matt! It paid off greatly as you can see.
Mark J.
8 Months later

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