Hair Support Calls (EN,GER)

Stop making critical mistakes when trying to regain your hair or choosing the right hair transplant clinic.

What's My Consulting All About?

In just one hour you’ll leave with a clearly defined path towards your new hair, get a clear understanding of the mistakes most guys are doing resulting in failed or unnatural hair transplants, or inability to keep their existing hair. You will receive a thorough assistance during your hair transplant research, receive best hair clinic recommendations for your particular hair case, second opinion service and my personal suggestions.

What my clients say?

Matt Dominance is a Hero and I can’t give him enough credit. I found him on YouTube after I had already booked with a cheap clinic in Turkey next month and booked a 1 on 1 consultation that that opened my eyes to whole new aspect of how and why I should go to certain clinics. I got his professional opinion for my case regarding grafts numbers. I will now upgrade my plans for the better quality over quantity!!! I 💯 trust Matt and recommend at least an 1 hour session if your thinking about having a Hair Transplant.
Marcos R.
Matt Dominance has really good knowledge about hair loss in general. His detailed advice regarding clinics and doctors gave me confidence to proceed with my hair transplant journey! If somebody is considering a hair transplant, it’s definitely worth consulting with him to narrow down the options and have clear vision for the next steps. Also he has kept close contact after consultation and answered additional questions. Cheers
Henri P.

Areas I can help with

Best Hair Clinic Choice

1. Best hair transplant options for your budget in the USA, Turkey, Europe, UK or worldwide

2. Ethical hair clinic practices with high quality results, top service and consistent patient satisfaction

Long Term Hair Retain Strategy

  1. Understand the long-term pros and cons of a hair transplant
  2. How to avoid short-term results when trying to regain your hair
  3. How to plan your hair restoration journey so you can avoid running out of your donor area

Hair Loss Management

  1. Which treatments should you use for the best hair thickening and hair regrowth?
  2. Which treatments are the most side effect free?
  3. Which anti-hair loss products/treatments are worth spending your money on?
  4. How many treatments can I combine together and how exactly?

Hair Transplant vs Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Transplant


Minoxidil 5%


Finasteride (Propecia)


What my clients say?

Before After
''Things are going great! I’m very happy with my results. Thanks for everything Matt!''
Before After
''I am thankful for consulting my hair condition with Matt and letting him choose my hair transplant clinic!''
Before After
''I am 4.5 months in and I am already super excited about my results!!! Thanks Matt for guiding me through all this!''
Before After
''After consulting with Matt, I now have a clear understanding of the best way to move forward with my hair. I'd highly recommend a phone call with Matt if you're losing hair and not sure about the best way to proceed to get your hair back!''
Before After
''I highly recommend Matt’s 1 on 1 consultation service. Matt is patient, attentive, and beyond friendly. Matt helped me plan for top hair clinics, topics to talk to my doctor about, and tips on medications and other preventative measures. Highly recommend. I am super happy with my results!'''
Before After
'' If you want to be guided by an expert in this field and avoid all the possible mistakes with your hair, Matt is the man to consult!''
Before After
''Matt is definitely worth talking to if you're starting to consider a hair transplant and you're not very much into the subject. He'll flag the most common pitfalls and will suggest solutions to consider. I made my decision on the clinic following consultation with Matt and I'm pleased with the outcome.''
Before After
''I didn't know all the things I had to be extremely careful of before my hair transplant until I spoke with Matt! Thanks for the guidance man, loving my new hairline!''


Most frequent questions and answers

The duration of the consultation depends on you. If there are still any ambiguities or questions, I will also answer them for you. Generally, I plan in 60 or 30-minute blocks. Very rarely does it actually take longer.

A consulting session has to be taken in one go because I’m short on time. However, second calls can be booked as a package at a reduced price or taken up afterwards with a discount of 25%. The ideal solution in such a case would be booking my consultation bundle option for a special price including 2 calls you are able to schedule with me based on preferred time frame. 

You have 2 options to make an appointment:

  1. You book the call on this page, pay via Paypal/credit card and receive a confirmation email from me within 24 hours with further steps and available consultation days and times.
  2. If it is difficult to find an appointment or if you prefer direct contact, we will make the appointment by email at

Yes. Of course, you can record the conversation so that you can listen to it again afterwards.

You only pay for the advice if you actually get something for it. If we find out together in the first 10 minutes of our conversation that I cannot find a solution for you, I will of course not charge you anything for it.

  1. Book a Call with Matt
  2. Fill out a quick Consultation Form
  3. Receive a Confirmation Email within 24 hours
  4.  Send Matt your Photos of Your Hair Condition
  5. Receive personalized Advice from Matt during a Zoom/Skype Video Call

Your Consulting Options

This is not a cookie cutter service. Each session will be bespoke to you based on the form you fill out before the call. 

That means if you want a tonne of support just on hair loss or hair transplant clinic choice (for example) the entire session can be devoted to that. 

30 Min Call

One Time
  • Hair Loss Support
  • Hair Transplant
  • 30 minute Call

2 Calls

One Time
  • Hair Loss Support
  • Hair Transplant
  • 2 Calls (90 minutes)

60 Min Call

One Time
  • Hair Loss Support
  • Hair Transplant
  • 60 minute Call

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