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5 Things I wished I had known before my hair transplant

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Hair Transplant Strategy Session with Matt

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Why should you consider a hair transplant strategy session with Matt before you get a surgery?


  • Matt Dominance has been seriously involved in extensive research of hair transplant doctors worldwide, visited 10+ hair transplant doctors in person, has personally observed more than 20 FUE and 5 FUT procedures in person

  • More than 2000 online 1 on 1 consultations via phone or Skype with guys in a similar situation to yours

  • I personally assisted more than 300 men during/with your hair transplant research to make the best possible decision


hair call with Matt Dominance
Matt Dominance and Doctor Peek Interview
Matt Dominance and Dr. Erdogan Interview
Matt Dominance and Dr. Lara Just Interview

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Matt Dominance Hair Transplant Profile Photo

Matt Dominance

Matt is a hair transplant patient. He has been through 2 hair transplants himself. Over the years he has been helping out men and women suffering from male/female pattern hair loss. 

His YouTube channel MATT DOMINANCE is very well known in the hair loss community for discussing topics of hair loss management and hair transplants. helps men and women make a well-informed decision before getting a hair transplant.

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